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Custom t shirt creator online

custom t shirt creator online

Sell custom shirts online for free through a Bonfire campaign. Simply design your shirt and set prices. We'll send you the profits and ship directly to. Custprint customize your products online! Create and design your own t-shirt and other products online. With our Create it tool, anyone can design custom. An online shop for custom t-shirt printing in Pakistan. Design your own shirt with our custom t-shirt maker tool, or buy customised graphic tees for men.

Custom t shirt creator online -

Date Rating

Excellent customer service & product

Loubha , 24 Nov 2021

Received my T-shirt after a couple of days of ordering. Wow, the quality of the print and T-shirt are excellent, thank you once again for giving me the heads up that my original picture was not going to be a quality print. You also provided a solution to the problem. Most T-shirt company’s would have printed and dispatched the inferior print and I would have ended up disappointed to my cost. Your Team are a credit to your organisation. Price for the end product was very reasonable. Will definitely order again if the need arises.

exceptional customer service

Stuart , 23 Nov 2021

 Ordered a tee to be printed with three initials on. Like an idiot I got the middle one wrong.!! Sent customer services an email, but the item had allready been despatched. Customer services sent me another one, amended correctly without additional charge. Very rare these days to have your expectations met, even more rare to have them exceeded - this is only the second time I have used this company, but will certainly be using them again.

Great Quality

Cal , 23 Nov 2021

 After fixing the images to go on the t-shirt, everything looks great, quality is amazing, feels amazing and fits perfect. Very helpful and quick to respond with any issues. Highly recommend this company for any t-shirt designing, definitely gonna be ordering and customizing more.


Turbo , 25 Nov 2021

 Bought 3xl t shirt after a few days of receiving it I got an email asking if it was ok.I said it was a little tight and should of ordered 4xl.I was sent out a new one for free.Customer service outstanding will use again.

Another successful order

mrseeyore510 , 25 Nov 2021

 Yet another brilliant garment. Great value for money, excellent quality, fantastic service. Not my first order and definitely won't be my last. I highly recommend this company.

Great customer service and lovely quality t shirts

Lou , 19 Nov 2021

 T-shirt arrived with some of the printing missed off...I emailed Friday evening to explain, received a lovely email back first thing Monday the T-shirt was reprinted and dispatched and received by the Thursday . No hassle quick service, excellent customer service and very good quality t shirt

So happy!

Kate , 21 Nov 2021

Thanks so much for the amazing t shirts. The premium quality was indeed premium and the print quality was fantastic. I appreciated the feedback on the image not being good enough quality so was able to change it. Also a very speedy delivery. Thank you so much. 


Michaela , 27 Nov 2021

 Very happy with the order! Easy to make your own design, good price and quick dispatch time. Thank you


Finchy , 27 Nov 2021

 Not disappointed. Good quality product and printing. Would gladly recommend the company

Personalised tee shirt

Jules , 25 Nov 2021

 I’m thrilled… excellent quality and very speedy service. Many thanks.


T Shirt Design - Custom T Shirts

Do you want to design your clothes , T Shirts? Do you want to make new t-shirt design?
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With the t-shirt design app, you can easily complete your unique t-shirt designs with our fun and easy to use tools.
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T-shirt is now lifestyle and fashion among boys and girls of all around the world. Be a fashion designer and an artist; and make your own text and quote art on your simple T-shirt with T-shirt design maker app.
T-shirt design maker app is fully user friendly and customized app which gives you a chance to add your photo from your Smartphone’s gallery on your T-Shirt. Make your T-Shirt with ten intuitive and attractive photo arts.

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Online T-shirt printing for everyone! was established as an online t shirt printing business to help bridge the gap between traditional print shops and automated online marketplaces. Not only do we print one-off personalised t-shirts for individuals, we also cater for brand owners. If you are wanting hundreds of custom t-shirts, it’s no problem. We produce all t-shirts in the UK, we do not outsource our printing to any third party.


Maybe you’re an artist that would like to have your artwork featured on your very own t-shirts? Look no further! We can print individual designs on various garments in various sizes with absolutely no setup costs. Simply choose your t-shirt, design your t shirt online and add it to the cart. It’s really that easy!

We can print onto white & various coloured garments, even dark garment using a special white ink under-base. This is all done in a single process to ensure registration between colours is perfect.

Brand Owners

Brand owners, look no further. Here we create personalised shirts at great rates enabling you to sell them on at retail value, making a profit. We have worked individually with literally thousands of businesses throughout the past 20+ years to help them achieve their goals. We have created some bulk saving business brand packages to help you achieve your targets. Whether you require a personalised jumper, a tote bag or something else we have the facility to produce it. Printed t-shirts are the staple of our business, however we provide printing on other garments also.


Design Your Own T-Shirts

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custom t shirt creator online

Design Your Own T-Shirts

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everpress make and sell custom t shirts online

We’ve built a platform for literally anyone to create and sell custom T-shirts and merchandise online, free of risk and unnecessary environmental waste.

How Everpress works

Through our campaign builder, and our pre-order campaign model, you have the tools to print, sell and distribute high-quality original clothing. Simply upload your fedex account number canada, customise your design placement, garment choice and price, and you’ll be selling from your own personalised store within minutes. We’ve prepared a full step-by-step walkthrough which you can find here. Need help setting up a campaign? Just shout at us here, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


Our pre-order campaign model helps to keep profits and quality high, because we only print what you sell. It’s also an extremely powerful marketing tool in its own right, especially when used effectively to sell T-shirts. To understand how our pre-order campaign model works to maximise profits, head to our price calculator and see how profit increases as sales increase.

Garment choices

Not sure which garment to choose? For a look at our most popular suppliers and products, head here. Can’t see the brand or supplier you’re looking for? Our product range is flexible and ever-expanding, so be sure to ask. We also offer traditional bulk orders and print-on-demand services, get in touch and custom t shirt creator online team will sort you out.

How the pros do it

We understand that launching your own custom merch design or brand can be daunting, but you’re not alone. We pride ourselves on working with the world’s best creators across art, design, music, film, advertising, design and technology. Why do they use Everpress? Simple, we hold up our end of the bargain and consistently deliver high-quality products in a pain free, risk free way. Check out some of the names already killing it on our platform by digging through some of our favourite case studies.

Just browsing or need inspiration? Head over to our global marketplace and shop from a curated selection of our favourite designs, currently live on the platform.



Online T-shirt printing for everyone! was established as an online t shirt printing business to help bridge the gap between traditional print shops and automated online marketplaces. Not only do we print one-off personalised t-shirts for individuals, we also cater for brand owners. If you are wanting hundreds of custom t-shirts, it’s no problem. We produce all t-shirts in the UK, we do not outsource our printing to any third party.


Maybe you’re an artist that would like to have your artwork featured on your very own t-shirts? Look no further! We can print individual designs on various garments in various sizes with absolutely no setup costs. Simply choose your t-shirt, design your t shirt online and add it to the cart. It’s really that easy!

We can print onto white & various coloured garments, even dark garment using a special white ink under-base. This is all done in a single process to ensure registration between colours is perfect.

Brand Owners

Brand owners, look no further. Here we create personalised shirts at great rates enabling you to sell them on at retail value, making a profit. We have worked individually with literally thousands of businesses throughout the past 20+ years to help them achieve their goals. We have created some bulk saving business brand packages to help you achieve your targets. Whether you require a personalised jumper, a tote bag or something else we have the facility to produce it. Printed t-shirts are the staple of our business, however we provide printing on other garments also.


How to Start a T-shirt Business on Amazon Making $10,000+ Per Month

How to Start a T-shirt Business on Amazon Making $10,000+ Per Month

Ever wonder how to start a t shirt business online that will make you some serious income? Ever wonder how to take those t shirt ideas and turn it into an actual t-shirt company? Have you thought about selling t shirts but were scared off by articles on screen printing or low margins?

There is a better way to turn your design idea into a profitable custom t shirt. If you want some guidance, look no further!

This is a guest post that will teach you to create a t shirt business that actually makes you money.

So without any further wait, take it away, Neil!

Hello Niche Pursuits! Many of you probably have no idea who I am, but just like you guys, I enjoy checking out what Spencer has going on and always learning what I can to fill in the gaps of industries I may not understand as well.

My name is Neil, and I have been self-employed in the internet marketing industry (if you want to call it that) for almost 5 years now. I am going to show you exactly how to start a t shirt business online.

You see, I first started out my sophomore year of college by creating hosting affiliate sites. I pushed shopping carts at a local store down the road in order to pay for my living expenses and start building a PBN (yay 2012!). This first hosting affiliate enabled me to hit the 5 figure a month mark and I took the leap of faith to quit my job.

To accelerate this story a bit, since then, I have graduated college, decided not to pursue law school, created 10s if not 100s of Amazon affiliate sites, created a small time marketing blog that I tend to neglect, sold software and Clickbank products, ran all kinds of paid traffic, and now I sell t-shirts and other merchandise on Amazon!

The other day I stumbled into an article on Niche Pursuits had written about how to make money using Amazon here, and noticed that I actually got a mention in that list for making over $150,000 on Amazon selling shirts through the Merch by Amazon program.

Today I want to go over exactly how I created such a profitable t shirt company, and the steps you can take to replicate the process this coming year starting right NOW!

How To Start Your Own Clothing Line With The Merch by Amazon Program

Many of you are probably not aware, but the Merch by Amazon program launched a while back.  This is a great program for someone trying to learn how to start a T shirt business and sell their own clothing line. 

For the first few months, almost no one caliber home loans current mortgage rates this Amazon program even existed. This is because you are probably not a developer.

If you still have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain. Merch by Amazon is a print on demand (POD) platform. This was used for selling t-shirts and MANY other products like mugs, etc. on their platform.

This was a quick way to build an online shop around a POD platform you didn’t have to pay for.

The way it works is that once you have an account, you upload artwork to the platform, pick a few shirt colors that your design looks great on, enter a title, brand, a few bullet points, and a description of your shirt, and click publish.

Within just a few minutes of time, you now have a money generating page on Amazon selling your t-shirt to billions of monthly visitors.

Amazon handles the selling, the printing, the shipping, and even the customer service for the t-shirt sales you get, and all you do is collect a royalty on each sale.

You don’t worry about finding an Ecommerce platform since Amazon handles everything. Not to mention the fact your ideal customer is sure to be found in droves on Amazon. This is a super cool program because your initial cost is $0.

That’s right, it doesn’t cost you anything to start selling Merch on Amazon. That makes this one of the best ways to star a t shirt business for $0.

Since the product isn’t made until it’s been ordered, there’s no need to handle inventory or pay for storage fees. Once payment has been collected, Amazon makes the shirt and sends you everything over your expenses.

If you have started to connect the dots, you see how massive of an opportunity this is. You can sell products to people with the full force of Amazon behind you and collect royalties! A lot of other people with a business idea started to see this opportunity.

As the program was swamped by sign ups, Merch by Amazon quickly went to an invite only program. You can still request an invitation, but there’s no guarantee when you’ll get accepted.

Amazon has also placed a limit on how many designs Amazon allows you to create at once. This means that essentially, you can only post so many shirts on an account when you get one. You need to prove you can make enough sales with those slots you are given, before you get even more slots for t-shirts.

If your interest is peaked even a little, I highly recommend that you head over to Merch by Amazon and request an invite. You may be waiting a long while, but it can be really nice once you get in.

Start Your Own Clothing Line: 6 Steps for How to Start a T-shirt Business on Amazon

Merch by Amazon is not the only way to start selling shirts on Amazon, far from it in fact. You could always get your designs printed, and then send them in to be fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), or you could print and sell them from your home.

There is also the possibility of dropshipping your shirts from Ebay or another marketplace by doing retail arbitrage.

Think of this not as just selling on Amazon. Think of this as starting your own clothing line.

This is a brand, a business that you can build off of. You could launch a niche site and sell your clothes custom t shirt creator online there. You could design and sell clothes on Shopify. The opportunities here are endless.

What if there was a way to sell not only t-shirts, but hundreds of different items on the Amazon marketplace? What if you could do it without holding a single piece of inventory? And still see the same level of success, if not higher, numbers than I saw over the last year?

There is, and I am going to go over exactly how to do it based on the brand new Amazon/Shopify Integration. You can set this up and be selling on Amazon today if you decide to take action.

Step 1: Understanding How Amazon Works

Before you even consider hooking everything else up, you first need to understand how Amazon works. This information is crucial to making sure your online t shirt business hits its full potential.

These are Amazon BSR and Copyright/Trademark metrics.

BSR (Best Sellers Rank)

For every product that is selling on the Amazon Marketplace, they will have something called a Best Sellers Rank or BSR for short. This number given to you is going to be relative to the number of sales that item is receiving.

This BSR number is also relative to the category that the product is in. 100k BSR in clothing is not going to be selling the same amount of units as 100k BSR in Gardening and so on.

If you were to go over and find a product, just scroll down to the product description and you should see a box that looks like this:

To give a very custom t shirt creator online idea of what the BSR equates to, a BSR of 100,000 in clothing is selling around 1-2 units a day. You can also use Jungle Scout’s free estimator to track how much each seller is selling every day.

The BSR in the picture above probably means they are getting a sale or two every few days.

The lower the BSR goes, the more units they are selling. I can tell you from experience that a BSR of around #2000 means you are selling 25-50 units a day.

The more experience you get selling in certain categories, the better you get at estimating how many sales these listings are getting.

You may find selling t shirts could be very different from selling coasters or other products. You need to check out different categories to see what works best with your online shop.


Copyright and trademark are very much different but they are both something that you need know well enough that you are not infringing on someone else’s rights.

When putting designs on merchandise in no way should you ever straight up copy their designs. This is breach of copyright and will eventually get you banned from selling on Amazon after people report you.

Amazon does not want rip-offs, and they will punish you if caught. Why risk it?

Trademark is the other big one that you need to know how to use. These are recognizable expressions that people have protected. These can be signs, expressions, or logos. 

When dealing with putting designs up on Amazon, you need to avoid putting any sayings on your merch that have been protected.

Make sure if there is any text or logo type work going on with your designs to run the phrase though one of these sites:

Step 2: Research Before You Start Designing Clothes

Now that you are familiar with BSR and copyright/trademark, we can actually get into the fun part: Niche Custom t shirt creator online. This is by far the most important step in selling merch on Amazon. If you do not do research properly you will fail.

Let me just say that again, you need to do your research properly or you will not succeed.

I have made a lot of money so far following a very simple strategy. Make better products than the competitors in niches where there is demand. All your custom t shirt design ideas should focus on this.

Simply put, I find what customers are buying, and I create more visually appealing products for them to buy at a fair price. I do this by analyzing keywords and Best Sellers rank!

Keyword Search

Head over to and enter in any niche you want plus “t-shirt” and hit search. For this example, I am going to be using a niche example: Veganism.

Note: Niches where people are passionate about their cause sell the best.

This brings up the product page for your search. You can see some examples of shirts that are for sale. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can see there are over 15 pages of shirts in this niche.

Just because there are a lot of products does not mean they are selling well.

Start opening up all the different shirts you see! This process can take a long time, but open as many tabs as you can. Once you have many open, go to each page, and navigate to the “Product Description” section on the product page and locate the BSR.

Important Tip

I personally target any design around 100k-300k BSR. This generally means the design is selling once every day or so, and that if you come up with something better, you can make custom t shirt creator online as well. This also seems like the sweet spot between a lot of competition, and making easy money.

I will then take every single shirt that has a BSR that is low enough and copy that URL into a spread sheet.

Designs that you find on these t-shirts might be simple, or they might be complicated. Your first goal is determine if you or a designer can make a BETTER looking product in the niche.

If you cannot, do not add it to your list!

As you can see from the screenshot, if you go check out some of those shirts, they are selling very well. It would be extremely easy to compete against these because the shirts so far are mainly just text.

A little bit of graphic design around the same idea, and you will have a better product!

I generally go through at least 5 pages at does closing bank account hurt credit bottom of the page looking at every single shirt to determine the BSR and saving my links in an excel file.

You will need to do this for every single niche you come up with. I would recommend coming up with 100 niches, and then going through the first 5 pages of shirts for each of those niches to make your initial file of potential designs to target.

Keep in mind this is a numbers game. If you want to put up 10 designs and think you are going to come close to big numbers, you are very very wrong. You want to eventually get to the point where you have thousands of designs online, each selling every day or two.

Start at just a few designs and scale up as you make money.

This is a process to build your t shirt brand. Not a get rich quick sprint.

Brand Search

The second thing that I will do is tied into the keyword search that we just went over. Sometimes it can be extremely hard to come up with other niches on the top of your head, right?

I love to let other people do this niche research for me!

The way we do that is by taking a look at brands that are already selling well on the platform. Use what others have done to help you figure out a brand identity that works for your online shop.

If you go back to the screenshot about vegan shirts, you will see that there is this listing:

Right above the title, you will notice the brand of the shirt. This shirt may or may not be selling well when you read this (currently #98k BSR), but you might wonder what other niches this brand has created merch around.

Simply click the brand at the top of the page there.

Simply scroll through the list to find new niches, and then open all the shirts in a new tab to check if they are selling via BSR (yes, open all 169 links, I know it takes a long time).

Keep adding to that spread sheet you are making! Follow the keyword research and brand research that I have laid out above until you feel like you have a solid foundation for 100 killer designs. 

If you do exactly as I lay out above, you should have what it takes to make the kind of money that I screenshot near the top of this article.

Speeding Up the Research Process

These were the exact steps that I custom t shirt creator online to build my initial revenue stream. If you try it out you will notice that it can take forever!

Since I still run a lot of large affiliate sites, this growing side business was taking up a ton of my time. I needed to keep the process going (because it was working) but needed to free up some of my time.

I, along with my business partner, decided to come up with a better way. We created our own software to complete the entire research process as automated as possible.

With this taken care of you can focus on factors like graphic design or your next big design idea.

As the merch income grew, so did the questions from the community.

After many months of polishing our self use tool, we released it to the public. That’s how Merch Informer was born in October of 2016.

Merch Informer lets you pull up the top selling shirts for any keyword or any brand. These are in order by best sellers rank. You have the ability to save and download your links, images, descriptions, prices, as well as check keyword competition within Amazon.

Using the Vegan example from above, you can see what it would look like inside the software. I use all of this information to send to my designers which we will go over in the next step.

The easiest way to grow this business is outsource at light speed!

You can do everything I talk about in this article manually. Or you can try us out with a 3 day free trial that we give everyone.

We spent a lot of time and effort putting together the most comprehensive Merch research tool available to the market.

As a thank you to the Niche Pursuits community,please use coupon code NICHEPURSUITS for 20% off if you want to give it a go.

The biggest challenge that most newcomers face in the POD (print on demand) space is that they have problem finding niches that sell. With Merch Informer, we have basically created a keyword tool that pulls keywords in niches that are almost guaranteed to make you sales.

How do we do this? We pull from Amazon suggest!

Amazon is a big data company. This means they use all this data in order to optimize how many sales they get. When you start typing a keyword, you will see that Amazon starts auto recommending or suggesting endings to that original seed keyword.

They do this because they know from their data that if you were to enter in one of the suggested niche, you are a lot more likely to buy things.

Use everything I put in above along with Amazon suggest to ensure that your research is rock solid!

How To First national bank palmer alaska Your Own Clothing Line Step 3: Getting Your Designs Created

There are two ways you can get your designs custom t shirt creator online. You can either create custom t-shirts yourself or you can outsource them.

I ended up doing my first 100 designs myself. But after I saw that the model worked, I started outsourcing. Since I am not an artist, I had to watch a few videos on YouTube to figure out what I was doing.

If you are going to create them yourself, you can use:

  • Photoshop
  • GIMP
  • Illustrator
  • Canva

GIMP is a free option that you may want to look into. If you’re interested in Photoshop or Illustrator, you can check out Adobe CC here.

Note: When you are creating designs, make the dimensions 4500X5400. You want a large resolution so that when they get printed, they will look sharp and crisp.

If you are not an artist like me, it really just leaves you a single choice: outsource! If you are familiar with outsourcing content to VA’s this is extremely similar. Since I was already hiring writers on Upwork, I decided this is the place I was going to get my graphic designs from.

Turns out you can get graphic designers for around $4 a design. There are many custom t-shirt businesses that outsource this way. It’s a great way to get the t shirt design you need for each idea without breaking the bank.

Here is the exact script that I used:

Hey, I am in need of 400 t-shirt designs in the time period of 2-3 months.

Your task will be pretty basic, I will send you ideas of t-shirts I want to make and you make them yourself in your own unique style. For example, I might send you a link of a already existing tshirt and I would need you to be inspired by it and create a better version that is in your own creative style.

I will leave a lot of 5* reviews so that you will be able to get jobs easier in the future and this is a long-term position. Once we have done the first batch of 400 – around 4 per day, we could continue if everything looks good.

I look forward to doing business with you!

I will then hire a few of them and give each person a few of the links from the research we did in the previous step. If they come back with good designs in their own unique style, then I hire them for the long term.

Keep in mind you want to give them the links and/or pictures as inspiration. This helps make sure you receive something back that is a better product than what is currently being sold.

Having a good design idea is one thing. Having the best shirt design on Amazon – that’s how you win your niche!

Step 4 In Building Your T-Shirt Brand: Setting Up Shopify

Now that you have some pretty designs sitting around from your research, you need some merch to put them on! I mentioned in the beginning that the Merch by Amazon program was closed.

So if you want to start a t-shirt custom t shirt creator online or any other merch business, there is a way around the merch program.

Not only is there a way around it, this is a much better solution.

It will allow you to put your designs on tons of different products besides shirts. The sky is the limit, and you do not need to hold any inventory.

The way we do this is through the brand new Shopify/Amazon integration. Since there are print on demand services that integrate with Shopify, and since Shopify now passes through to Amazon, you can set everything up to become completely automated.

Head on over to Shopify and sign up for a free trial (yes, this entire method works in the free trial).

Once you are signed up, then the back end should look like this:

What you want to do is scroll down to the apps section on the bottom and look for an app called Teelaunch. It will look like this:

Teelaunch is the company we are going to use in order to print our designs on products without ever touching them. When you get an order from Amazon, the order shows up in your Shopify store.

Teelaunch automatically sees that order, prints it for you, and ships it to the Amazon customer. This all happens without any input from you!

Note: I went with Teelaunch because of their pricing meaning higher ROI. There are many print on demand services that integrate with Shopify that you may want to use for this method.

After you get the Teelaunch app installed in the back end of Shopify, you need to quickly set it up. Head on over to the app, and custom t shirt creator online on the “Account” button in the upper right hand corner.

Fill out your information and put in a credit card that will be charged when you get an order.

You will take the profits from Amazon and pay off this credit card every 14 days. Whatever is left over is your profit.

Before the comments start pouring in, if you are from another country, YES you can do this method. Simply Google “free USA address” and look through the options that will give you an address as well as a mail forwarder.

Most people from overseas will handle returns by just refunding the customer and letting them keep the product.

Head back to the Teelaunch app, we are going to add our first product. Click on “New Product” from the top of the page.

Pick whatever type of merchandise you want to sell. In this example, I am going to go over selling shirts because that is what I started with.

Pick the shirt you want to print on. I went with the Gildan shirt because from personal experience they are great quality. They’re actually the cheapest choice, too. That’s just a great bonus for us at this point.

Upload your design to the editor until it looks good, pick some colors, and then select a few sizes.

When you are happy with how everything is set up, give it a title and some bullet points in the back end and then publish it.

You now have a shirt in your Shopify back end. We will now need to attach this shirt so it shows up on Amazon.

Head back over to your Shopify menu, and click on “Add a sales channel.”

From here, install the Amazon sales channel. This is where the magic happens Once the Amazon channel has been installed, you will need to connect it to your Amazon sellers account.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have an Amazon sellers account, go sign up for one. You WILL need a professional sellers account which is $39.99 a month in order for this entire integration to work.

Agree to the Amazon MWS agreement and you have successfully linked your account to Shopify!

Now that these 2 accounts are linked, you will want to go into the Amazon app, and click on “Sell on Amazon.”

When you click this button, it will bring up a list of products that you have published in your Shopify store. From this screenshot you can see the shirt that I was creating earlier.

Since you are building your own brand here, select that the product is made by your brand.

Pick the appropriate category, and start entering your title, your brand name, some bullet points, and a description.

Keep in mind two things. The first is that you will need to click the “Apply to sell in this category” before the shirt can go live on Amazon. This application asks you a few questions and you are approved INSTANTLY.

Also, you custom t shirt creator online need to make multiple listings for both male and female shirts. I actually prefer this as it gives us a chance to be more targeted in our keyword approach.

For each shirt you pick up, you will have variants. Each variant requires a UPC and a SKU.

You can make up SKUs since they are for internal use. They are just a string of characters. I decided to make mine random by using a 10 digit random string:

You must purchase UPCs. These are 12 digits long and can be purchased from a ton of places online. I got thousands of them on Ebay for only a few dollars.

It is very important that when purchasing them, you get the 12 digit ones, and NOT the 13 digit EAN numbers.

Since you need a new UPC for EACH variant you want to put online, I recommend that you put your designs on other things that do not require sizes.

Once you have finished entering in the variants and have been approved for the clothing category, you can publish your design.

It should take 30 minutes or so for the item to appear live on Amazon.

If ANY of these instructions are confusing, or you want a more detailed description of how to set up and connect the two, please read this article here.

Shipping Settings

Go into your seller central account and make sure you are changing the shipping time and the shipping price. 

Teelaunch has been very fast on their shipping. But I like to extend it just a bit as well as lower shipping to $2.99 for the lower 48 states.

This makes my products more attractive to the buyer. Every sale is important for a T shirt company, especially in the beginning.

Return on Investment Calculations

If you price your shirts around $17 on Amazon with $2.99 shipping, the customer will be charged around $20.

If you figure that a typical t-shirt that we created is going to cost you $12.50 (this is with shipping included), and Amazon takes their fee of around $3, you are going to be left with over $4 per shirt sold.

This might not seem like much at first. When you realize that you are selling on where there are millions of daily buyers, your perspective might start to change.

I sell hundreds of shirts per day.

Shirts have a $4 profit margin but think of the other products you could sell. Mugs and sweatshirts might have a much higher profit margin.

Depending on what you price at, of course. Play around with it because the sky is the limit.

Small business owners who keep searching for the best revenue streams win in the long run.

Step 5 For Your Online T-Shirt Business: Optimize Your Amazon Listings

When it comes to building your Amazon listing around the product you are building, there are only a few major points that need to be covered.

These points are:

  • Price
  • Brand
  • Title
  • Bullet points
  • Competition


This is a major one because it is one of the first things that a buyer will notice. Make sure you are pricing competitively.

If everyone else in your niche is selling for $20, why would you try and sell your merchandise for $25? Sure, you would make a better margin, but you will get drastically less sales. If you price about $25, you need to have an extremely good reason for doing so.

Let the market determine where you are pricing. Take a look at your competition. They might have the same product, but really give it a hard look.

You want to see if your designs are really that much better to ask for a higher price. I like to make sure that my prices are right in the middle.

An easy way to do this is take all the prices on the first page, add them together, and then divide them by the total amount of listings on the page and then price your product at that price.

No reason to overcomplicate things.

Brand Name

I used to recommend people on Merch by Amazon come up with a different brand for every shirt that they put online. This is no longer the case with this method because you are selling on Amazon seller central and have full control over reviews and other aspects of the listing.

Pick one brand that would work for many products and roll with it!

This lets you keep a consistent brand identity across Amazon, social media, and elsewhere. Many of the most successful t shirt business brands you can find online follow this advice.


The title is extremely important to ranking on Amazon and where keywords will come into the picture. In order to talk about keywords, we need to go over competition.

For this example, say that you just came up with a really good design about “Cats.” When you are uploading your shirt, you want to actually look at what similar designs are out there and price to what the market is demanding.

When you get to custom t shirt creator online in your title, you may just want to name it “Black cat t-shirt.” This is a huge mistake!

Look at that! If you were to name it black cat t shirt you would probably be lost in almost 150 thousand different results showing up.

You want to niche down if you are to stand a chance of making any sales.

Think to yourself “What would a customer search for if they were looking for this shirt?” Maybe your shirt has some ears in it.

Getting better, but still lots of results. Time to try and use a modifier to niche down even further.

Very close! I like to see if I can get under 1,000 results if possible. Niching down like this is the perfect way to add keywords to your title of your listings without looking spammy.

As you can see, by tweaking the title a little bit, we found out a way to lower down the competition you will be facing as well as putting in some keywords into the title for better rankings all around.

This is what you want to practice with every product you are putting up.

This is the same process that Spencer uses with long tail keywords. The money isn’t in the short tail, high volume keywords.

It’s in the low volume, long tail ones. People searching for this type of item know what they’re looking for and the competition for you is almost none.

Bullet Points

Bullet points are what get your merchandise ranked in Amazon from all the tests I have run. You need these bullet points to be keyword rich without keyword stuffing.

To do this, make sure they are coherent sentences. Read them out loud to yourself to make sure they sound correct.

What many people do here is simple describe their product. Should you do this?


The bullet points are where you put on your marketing hat and SELL the potential customer. You have multiple bullet points to work with here, so really make sure you custom t shirt creator online marketing to them here.

They will read these. Tell them why they want it!

I also like to put a last bullet point telling them to order a size up because these print on demand shirts often shrink a size in the wash.


If the bullet points are where you are selling the customer, the description is where you want to describe what is in your shirt. Keep in mind that this section is what shows up on mobile and is often times used in the meta description for ranking in Google.

Make sure you are filling these out and not leaving them blank.

That is not only important for SEO but its where you really get to sell why they should buy from your t shirt brand. Not the competition’s.

Step 6: Scaling Up Your Clothing Line

This entire method is nothing but a numbers game and a pretty easy one at that. The majority of people will probably not even try it because of the time investment needed, but it works!

In order to scale quickly, you need to be able to either design yourself, or afford to outsource designs.

I would suggest doing at LEAST 10 products a week if possible.

A lot of people reading this and who have listened to the entire process on my site have begun by putting up t-shirts on Amazon because that is what I used on Amazon.


Amazon limits brand new accounts to 100 variations a week. If you put up 1 shirt in 5 colors and all the sizes, you blow through almost 50 variations with a single shirt.

Instead, while everyone is focusing on putting up a few shirts a week, you can take your designs and put them on hundreds of products a week! 

Put them on products that do not require sizes.

If you look and the Shopify app does not have the category you want to list in, list the product through seller central, and let it sync to the Shopify app.

Doing that one thing will set you apart from the competition and let you grow at an incredible rate.

Success Stories Your Online T-Shirt Business

If you are still here reading through this, have no idea who I am, you probably have no reason to believe me. You get nowhere in life without at least trying, but people do always like to see some proof and I understand that.

You have seen some of the numbers posted above, but let me offer to you 3 people who have each found their own success through selling Merch on Amazon over the past year.

The first guy who I will not name, has been a friend for a long time. He focuses heavily on Amazon affiliate sites.

But when I started talking his ear off about Merch right when it opened, he decided to give it a go and scaled up quickly.

Here are his earnings:

The second is a guy named Tom. One of the most driven people I have ever met, he designed every single piece of artwork himself, and just look at what kind of earnings he is hitting.

Keep in mind these are screenshots from ONLY selling t-shirts.

Can you imagine what they will look like after he starts putting those same designs on other pieces of merchandise?

Finally, we have Albert from Canada. This guy is always the first to jump at an opportunity and test it out before coming to conclusions. Be like Albert!

I have actually personally spoken with him just a few times. According to him, he heard about Merch through my tiny little marketing blog and hit the ground running with it.

He managed to strike fast and create a few very well selling designs and ended up doing almost $6,500 his SECOND month of selling shirts online.

Then when the Shopify/Amazon integration happened, Albert saw the writing on the wall and started putting up his designs that he had already created on other products.

In just 3 days he has made 8 sales! He only has a couple of designs up right now using the Shopify Method and plans to scale quickly.

Amazon seller central screenshot

Disclaimer: In order to see the same level of success as the above, you will NEED to be able to put in the time and effort. Do not expect to put up 10 designs and wonder why you are not making money.

Dedicate yourself to it. Numbers matter, so go out there and hit numbers that your competitors can’t.

If you don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to spend a ton of effort, there is a shortcut. You can have better tools than your competition.

Merch Informer helps you to figure out what keywords people are searching for. It helps you locate the low hanging fruit that requires the lowest amount of time and effort to rank. 

If you want to read an entire Merch Informer Review, go here.

As you can see from these examples, a successful t shirt business may very well be closer than you think!

Marketing Your T Shirt Brand

Once you follow these steps to create a t-shirt business that doesn’t rely on holding a large inventory, buying a heat press machine, or putting up a bunch of money up front, then getting attention is easy.

At least it is if you ideas are as good as you think they are. The custom t shirt market has been huge for decades. It’s not going anywhere.

This is an online business that will be in demand if you provide shirt designs and ideas that are popular.

There aren’t many places where social media advertising still brings gang buster results. But promoting a t shirt store is one of the areas where social media advertising still consistently delivers.

There are many creative ways to market your t shirt line. Look for your favorite design idea and order a bunch of your own custom t shirts to wear, give as gifts, or otherwise give to individuals with niche social media followings who can get you more attention.

This is a great way to get more attention to your store, but remember, your shirts:

  • Need good graphic design
  • Need to stick out (aka the shirt idea needs to be a good one)
  • Should be high quality
  • Aimed at groups passionate about their causes

If you follow this advice, keep track of changes in the t shirt industry, and continue to work you’ll see success selling t shirts, as well!

Wrapping It Up

That about wraps up the entire method and exactly how to start a t-shirt business today. Leveraging the millions of buyers on Amazon has never really been this easy.

If you are lacking startup costs, you can do this on the cheap by learning to design yourself.

There is ZERO inventory that you need to hold, and minimal issues you need to work around. Think of this entire process as starting an Ecommerce brand with the force of Amazon behind you.

I appreciate the Niche Pursuits community allowing me to bring this to the table today, and if you have any questions, drop them in the comments and I will make sure to answer. Good luck!

Niche Business Ideas

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2 1

Read Time:11 Minute, 53 Second

UPDATED 09/17/2021 Best Reviews: Top 10 Custom T Shirt Printing Companies

Do you want to how to become a notary in alabama the best custom t-shirt printing company for your specific needs? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

I update this blog regularly to ensure that this list of top custom T-shirt printing companies remains accurate. As someone who has worked in the custom apparel business for many years, I’ve done a lot of research on custom T-shirt printing.

To help you choose the best custom T-shirt printing company for your particular custom apparel needs, I compiled this list of our favorite custom T-shirt printing companies. Who better to compile a list of the best T-shirt printing companies than someone who knows the ins and outs and ups and downs of the wearable’s industry?

Custom T-shirt printing is a complex industry with thousands of businesses of all sizes, large and small. A quick Google search of custom T-shirt printing nets over 5 million results alone. How can you ever find the right T-shirt decorating company for your custom apparel project?

Use this quick reference guide for my personal top 10 rating of screen-printing or T-shirt printing companies in the United States. No two custom apparel companies are alike and each company has its own set of pros and cons. Find the one that best matches each of your needs, and you’ll find the best T-shirt printing company for you.

1. Broken Arrow Custom T-Shirt Printing
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: 
Delivered 8 business days after order placement

100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print will cost you approximately $7.81 each.

Pros of Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery

  • Fast turnaround—to your door 8 business days after order placement
  • Free delivery
  • Excellent quality
  • Cheap prices
  • Huge online catalog
  • Easy online designer
  • Experienced fashion experts answer the phone and texts and are happy to help you if and when you need you need it
  • Experienced on-staff artists can create custom designs for you free of charge if you prefer
  • 24/7 website access and order placement

Cons of Broken Arrow

  • Weekend and late night orders are through website only

The Scoop:

In business for over 30 years, Broken Arrow Wear offers a lot more than just basic custom T-shirt printing services. Broken Arrow’s online design tool has over 13,000 pieces of clipart and hundreds of design ideas. It is quick and easy to use, but their true specialty is custom artwork, which is free with your order. If you need a custom T-shirt design or want your logo revised or if you prefer not to use a clip art design, Broken Arrow is the place to get your custom tees.

Broken Arrow Wear has a staff of artists that will be happy to tweak your logo, design a totally new logo for you, or even have your logo turned into an allover T-shirt print. In addition to screen-printing, Broken Arrow Wear offers direct-to-garment digital printing, all over printing, rhinestones, sublimation (a form of heat transfer explained below). All production is done in house from a central United States location, which allows for some of the quickest free standard delivery times stark county real estate search more affordable rush order deliveries. 

Broken Arrow Wear is a one-stop-shop for your custom T-shirt printing and apparel needs. All-inclusive pricing is provided on each and every quote, so no other fees apply. You can order directly from Broken Arrow 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Live chat and live customer support agents are on staff to answer your phones calls from 8am to 6pm central time Monday through Friday.

2. UberPrints
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: Ships in 5 to 10 business days

100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print will cost you approximately $8.30 each.

Pros of Uberprints

  • Good turnaround—items arrive at your door approximately 8 business days after order placement
  • Excellent quality
  • Nice size online catalog, including pet apparel
  • Easy online designer
  • Easy online quotes

Cons of Uberprints

  • Standard delivery is $5.99 plus .50 per item for orders that cost less than $100
  • Prices are higher than Broken Arrow, but still less than Custom Ink
  • You must use the online designer

The Scoop:

Uberprints is another good T-shirt printer if you are looking to design a shirt yourself. T-shirts are typically shipped out seven days after the day your order is placed, although some orders can take twice that long. (As a fun aside, if you want to print a matching T-shirt for you and your dog, you can do it at Uberprints). Their website is designed around creating a shirt yourself, so if you want design help, I suggest going to Broken Arrow. Shipping at Uberprints is only free on orders costing more than $100.

3. Discount Mugs 
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: Delivered in about 2 weeks
100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print will cost you approximately $7.60 each

Pros of Discount Mugs

  • Excellent quality
  • Cheap Prices
  • Nice size online catalog, especially if you want things like mugs and pens
  • Easy online pricing grid

Cons of Discount Mugs

  • Slower turnaround—from order placement to your door expect at least 2 weeks
  • Shipping is only free on orders over $75.

The Scoop:

The thing I like the most about Discount Mugs is that they offer so much more than printed T-shirts. They offer mugs (shocking right?!), pens, toys, and other typical promotional products.

Their online pricing grid makes it easy to see their scaled-quantity pricing and the difference in cost between each printing method. Their quote system is easy, and the ordering process is simple.

Their D-lab design software lets you put your uploaded design on almost any of their product choices. Discount Mugs does not appear to offer any sort of custom artwork services, so if your design or file is not ready to go, you’ll have to choose another printer or hire a graphic designer to create your artwork.

4. Custom Ink 
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: 2 weeks

100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print will cost you approximately $9.42 each.

Pros of Custom Ink

  • Free delivery
  • Excellent quality
  • Huge online catalog
  • Easy online designer
  • 24/7 website access and order placement
  • Open late nights and weekends

Cons of Custom Ink

  • Prices are quite a bit higher than Broken Arrow
  • Slower turnaround—from order placement to your door expect at least 2 weeks
  • You must use the online designer

The Scoop:

Custom ink is the largest online custom T-shirt retail printer in the nation. Their prices tend to be on the higher end of T-shirt printers. This may be due to their high-dollar marketing and advertising campaigns. 

They pioneered what they refer to as “the T-shirt design lab” and they offer lots of clip art designs for you to choose from. Custom Ink also offers live chat, long business hours, and a friendly staff.

You must do all the work to design your own tee, which is great for if you are the DIY type, but not-so-great if you need a little one-on-one support. Like Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery, they offer all-inclusive pricing.

5. Café Press
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: Arrives at your door in 5 to 7 business days

100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print will cost you approximately $17.50 each

Pros of Café Press

  • Excellent quality
  • Nice size online catalog
  • Good for orders of one or two T-shirts
  • Nice selection of pre-designed T-shirts
  • Fast turnaround—to your door approximately 6 day after order placement

Cons of Café Press

  • Prices are high
  • Shipping is never free
  • You have to have everything in the shopping cart before you can get much help

The Scoop:

Café express prefers that you use their website and never call them, which for some people may be a plus, not a con. Café express, however, is excellent at small orders and they dominate the print on demand market. If you want to have your catalog of garments online and then have customers buy them with a profit going back to you, this service is worth checking out. As a customer, you can choose from a catalog of pre-designed tees from freelance creative artists, or you can design your own.

If you don’t have a creative bone in your body but want to find a cool holiday tee, Café Press is a great site to visit. Each artist that sells their design on the site receives a small royalty, so you will also be supporting a starving artist. You are definitely going to pay a lot for bulk orders, so look elsewhere for large quantity T-shirt orders. If pre-designed tees are your thing, you really cannot beat the Café Press selection.

6. Spreadshirt
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: varies greatly, usually 2 weeks
100 Gildan black T-Shirts with a three-color print will cost you approximately $11.19 each

Pros of Spreadshirt

  • Good quality
  • Nice size online catalog; they also carry phone cases

Cons of Spreadshirt

  • Turnaround varies greatly depending on what you order, usually two weeks.
  • Shipping costs $5.99 for 1 or 2 items and goes up as you buy more.

The Scoop:

Spreadshirt reminds me of Café Press but with more customizable options. The Spreadshirt online design tool connects you to an online artist community to give you some very unique, yet customizable artwork. You’ll find fun, funky graphics that you won’t find anywhere else. The prices vary depending on the design and artist you choose but unlike Café Press, you can then customize your chosen design. 

Custom artwork (such as company and team logos) and bulk orders don’t appear to be their niche, but it is a fun spot to design or modify an artist’s design on a single custom tee.

7. Rush Order Tees
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: 8 days from order placement

100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print will cost you approximately $8.90 each

Pros of Rush Order Tees

  • Good quality
  • Nice size online catalog
  • Free Shipping

Cons of Rush Order Tees

  • You must use the online designer

The Scoop:

Like Custom Ink, at RushOrderTees you will be uploading your own art or using clipart to create your T-shirt design. Located in Pennsylvania, they ship orders throughout the U.S. so west coast delivery can take a few days longer than when ordered from Broken Arrow. Their price quotes are all inclusive.

They offer standard screen-printing, embroidery, and a sublimation heat transfer option, but not rhinestones.

8. Design A Shirt
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: 10 days from order placement
100 Basic Black T-Shirts with a three-color print will cost you approximately $8.00 each.

Pros of Design A Shirt

  • Good quality
  • Good online catalog
  • Fairly easy to get an online quote
  • Free Shipping

Cons of Design A Shirt

  • You must use the online designer

The Scoop:

A unique element to Design A Shirt is that they offer their own “DAS Value” Tee. While I don’t know the quality of the DAS Value Tee, they get brownie points for creativity. They don’t offer as many styles and brands as some sites, but the site does clearly lay out delivery dates prior to placing your order, which makes it easy to know whether you are going to get the product soon enough and whether you might have to pay extra for faster delivery. 

Their higher quality shirts can be pricier than other printers though, so if you’re ordering something other than the “das value,” don’t expect to get the best deal here.

9. Tee Spring
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: varies depending on vendor
I could not find a price of 100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print.

Pros of Tee Spring

  • Good quality
  • Good online catalog that includes phone cases, sock, and mugs
  • Offers pre-made designs

Cons of Tee Spring

  • Shipping is $3.99 for first item and $2 more for each additional item.

The Scoop:

Similar to Café Press, if you want to have your own catalog of garments online and then have customers buy them with a profit going back to you, this service is worth checking out. As a customer, you can choose from a catalog of pre-designed tees from freelance creative artists, or you can design your own.

If you are looking to order a custom T-shirts for a company, team, or event, they are probably not the best choice for that.

10. Vistaprint
Web Address:
Standard Turnaround Time: varies depending on vendor
100 Basic Black T-Shirts with a three-color print will cost you approximately $13.50 each plus shipping.

Pros of Vistaprint

  • Good quality
  • Good online catalog, especially for paper products

Cons of Vistaprint

  • So big you may have to wait a long time for help
  • You must use the online designer
  • Difficult to get a quote

The Scoop:

Vistaprint is a well-known online retailer that specializes in paper product printing. They make attractive, high quality business cards and stationary. I have ordered some of their paper products myself. When it comes to decorating T-shirts, they also provide a decent print quality and a decent selection of clipart, but if you are looking for truly custom T-shirt design, they are not your best bet. Uploading artwork files is easy and their online T-shirt design tool works OK, but it offers fewer bells and whistles compared to most of the other sites listed.

When you check out, be prepared for pages and pages of special offers (and long hold times), which makes placing an order a long process.

Kortni Remer, 
2nd Generation Owner
Broken Arrow Custom T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery



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custom t shirt creator online


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