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Pnc credit card payment

pnc credit card payment

Find the credit card that's right for you - whether you want cash back, Save on interest with 0% Intro APR on purchases for the first 15 billing cycles. The PNC Cash Rewards Business card has a $0 annual fee and is offering 0% APR on purchases for the first 9 billing cycles. 2021 PNC Business Credit Cards. PNC. Direct Deposit your stimulus payment onto a Netspend Visa Prepaid Card. No late fees or interest charges because this is not a credit card.

PNC Bank Introduces Mobile Payments From Pogo

Taking mobile payments on a tablet or phone is a hot area of interest for small business merchants.  It’s the way a lot of small businesses choose to do business these days.

One advantage is obvious.  Mobile device in hand, you can accept credit card payments wherever you may be. That’s especially good for food truck operators, craft businesses and other microbusinesses without a fixed location.

Another advantage is low equipment cost.  Even very small businesses and startups with brick-and-mortar locations are finding they don’t necessarily have to invest in pricey point-of-sale (POS) terminals.  Set your business up with an iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet.  Then plug a credit-card swipe device into the audio jack, and you’re good to go.  It serves the purpose to get money in the door — at least until your sales volume grows.

Financial institutions are beginning to understand this, too.

PNC Bank joins the banks and independent services offering mobile swipe devices for merchants to accept credit card payments.

PNC officially launched Pogo from PNC Bank this month.  The service had been soft-launched starting last winter, through the PNC Merchant Services arm.

Pogo from PNC is designed pnc credit card payment capital one business platinum no hassle rewards need to accept credit card payments and want to use a mobile device.  “Pogo is a self-serve solution for businesses that do not process a large volume of card transactions but are in need of a card payment solution,”  said David Shorten, Senior Vice President and General Manager of PNC Merchant Services.

PNC is providing the service to its customers through a strategic alliance with POGO, a service of First Data Corporation.  Pogo / First Data provides the operational card processing, product solutions and customer support.  Funds are deposited into the customer’s PNC bank account.

Shorten referred to Pogo as a “best-in-class service” for PNC customers.  He emphasized that Pogo, unlike some competitive mobile payment services, offers 24/7 customer service via chat or phone.  Pogo from PNC also follows stringent security guidelines that banks must comply with, keeping customer data secure.  He noted that some solutions are unregulated and may not have the strength behind them that a financial institution like PNC delivers.

Matching the Right Mobile Payments Solution To Business Needs

pogo mobile payments

In addition to Pogo, PNC offers a more robust solution (also provided by First Data) for small merchants called MobilePay.

The difference between Pogo and MobilePay lies in the needs of the customer, said Shorten.  MobilePay is similar to Pogo, but “meets the needs of businesses that process larger volumes of card transactions and have a traditional merchant account relationship,” he explained. With MobilePay you can have a traditional POS solution, but also a way to accept mobile payments.

Pogo, on the other hand, is a streamlined solution intended for those without a POS system.

Pogo card transactions are batched, said Shorten.  The total shows as a deposit transaction in your business checking account when the transactions settle.  Access to the funds is available as soon as the next day.  Paperless receipts can be sent to the customer’s email address.

At the present time, reports are available through the Pogo app.   Transaction summaries can be emailed to the business daily.

There is no long-term contract to sign. The Pogo card reader is free.  You can also download the Pogo app from iTunes or the Google Play store, and hand-key in transactions, although you will pay a higher 2020 jaguar f pace svr on keyed transactions.  Rates, according to the PNC Pogo website, are “competitive.”

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Welcome to the PNC Registration page.

There are two modes of PNC registration

(1) ONLINE Mode                                               (2) OFFLINE MODE



Online registration mode is very easy way to get registration of your recognized qualification with PNC. Read the guideline carefully and follow the steps according the guideline.

Download Online Registration Tranining Guide (PDF Fromat)            PNC Online Registration (for easy apply. Click hear.) 



Offline mode of registration is one of conventional way of registration. All information, document and fee chart is given below, read carefully and apply. 

Download Registration Form (word Format)          Download Registration Requirements and Fee Chart 

Read below before applying for Registration or Renewal of Registration. 

PNC has changed Registration System in order to assure accuracy in registration and record keeping. This system will enable PNC to better fulfil its role as the regulatory body for nurses, midwives, LHVs and auxiliaries in Pakistan. The data accumulated by this system will contribute towards human resource planning and development in the health sector in general and particularly for Nursing, LHVs, and Midwifery.

Since 2003 PNC is using new forms described in this leaflet to register graduates from Schools of Nursing, Midwifery, Public Health and others. The same form will be used for renewal of registration of all persons already registered with the PNC under the previous system, and for acknowledgement of post-basic courses studied in Colleges of Nursing and others.

The Registration Gpa requirements for south carolina state university which will identify the Nurse, LHV, Midwifery and/or auxiliary to the employer and public as a properly prepared health professional. The Card will indicate both the basic and post-basic education in Nurse, LHV, and Midwife of the registrant.

PNC welcomes your comments and suggestions regarding its new registration system, hopes you will find it efficient and useful.
Important Information:

  1. It will take 6 weeks* for processing of your form/payment and delivery of your Registration Card.
  2. All incomplete forms and payment will be returned to you.
  3. All payments must be made by bank - No cash payment will be accepted.

Remember to:

  1. Answer all appropriate questions on the front and back of the form.
  2. Sign the form on the back where it says 'Applicant's Signature'
  3. Attach PNC original registration cards received from PNC.
  4. Attach a attested photocopy of all legal documents NIC, Domicile, Matric, diplomas etc.
  5. Enclose two colour photographs, 3.5 x 4 cm, White background. One photograph must be attested on back.
  6. Enclose the correct payment pnc credit card payment bank payment challan. Cash will not be accepted under any circumstances. Fee details are available on the fee chart.

 When filling the form:

  • Section 1: Complete all personal information. Enclose a photocopy of any legal documents supporting a change of name:
  • Section  2:  Write your present address and permanent address with full detail.
  • Section 3:  Indicate if you are already registered with PNC. Give PNC Registration numbers where indicated, according to the qualification(s) under which you were previously registered.
  • Section 4:  Mark the qualification(s) for which you are applying for registration.
  • Section 5: Indicate the Nursing Examination Board (NEB) for which you have qualified.
  • Section 6:  Write General Academic Qualification Record with passing year, Institution and name of Board/University.
  • Section 7: Write your professional qualification (s) you are registering for, give the date you started and finished with the name of Institution where you studied.
  • Section 8: If you are registering a speciality, give the title of the speciality where it says 'Specify'.
  • Section 9:  Indicate if you are currently employed.
  • Section 10: Indicate if your present employment is with Government, Private, Semi-Private (or Semi-Autonomous), Armed Forces or an NGO or combination of the above. And also write your current employer. Give name(s) and address (es) of amazon locker irvine Institution(s) (e.g. hospital, clinic etc.) or employer (s) where you are presently working.
  • Section 11: (Signatures): The registration form must be 'Certified' only if you are requesting a registration FOR THE FIRST TIME. Renewal of registrations DOES NOT have to be certified. Sign and date the form. Please note that your signature as you sign it on this form will appear on your Registration Card. Sign only inside the box without touching the lines. It should be remembered that the signature part is a deceleration from the applicant that the information provided on form and attached documents are true/correct.


*The processing time of PNC registration card is estimated, it depends upon different factors which could delay the process i.e receiving incomplete documents from the applicants, Documents verification from Universities/Boards/institutions, receiving extra ordinary applications for registration etc.
To avoid extra hassle you are advised to apply as soon as possible for registration/renewal/degree add

Always keep a photocopy of all your documents till the finalization of your registration process.
When you are calling or mailing to PNC,
1.     you must have a pen and paper to note important information what is the routing number for renasant bank Always note your questions on paper before you call or mail.
3.     Always ask short and compact questions, avoid repetition of questions.
4.     All important relevant documents should be in front of you before you call or mail i.e CNIC, All professional degrees/Diplomas, Fee Challan/copy, Courier slip etc.
5.     Always try to explain your problem in sample words.


  1. If you received registration with error, wrong entry or mistake. Please contact Pakistan Nursing Council Islamabad for correction with in 30 days of receipt. Otherwise full fee embed youtube video in tweet be charged for any correction.
  2. The applicant are informed that all registration card pnc credit card payment be collected from PNC wihin 6 month, otherwise PNC will not responsible for the loss of Registration card.

Registration Requirements and Fee Chart



Sr. No.
Document Detail
1PNC processing fee pnc credit card payment (click how to pay fee)
202 Nos. Fresh Photograph ( Passport size, white background and Attested on back side)
3Attested Photocopy of CNIC
4Attested Photocopies of all Diplomas / Degrees (Professional Diploma/Degrees i.e Nurse, Midwife, LHV, BSN, MSN etc.)
5Internship Certificate for GBSN Graduates ( Successful completion of one year internship is a mandatory requirement for GBSN graduated to get PNC Registration.)
6Attested Photocopy of Matric Certificate
7Attested Photocopy of Domicile Certificate
Note: Documents should be made attested from Gazetted officer (Nursing Professionals only).


Sr. No.
Document Detail
1PNC processing fee slip (click how to pay fee)
2Original Registration Card
302 Nos. Fresh Photograph ( Passport size, white background and Attested on back side)
4Attested Photocopy of CNIC
5Attested Photocopies of all Diplomas / Degrees (Professional Diploma/Degrees i.e Nurse, Midwife, LHV, BSN, MSN etc.)
6Attested Photocopies of Matric certificate
7Attested Photocopy of Domicile Certificate


Sr. No.

Document Detail

1PNC processing fee slip (click how to pay fee)
202 Nos. Fresh Photograph ( Passport size, white background and Attested on back side)
3Attested Photocopy of CNIC
4Attested Photocopies of all Diplomas / Degrees (Professional Diploma/Degrees i.e Nurse, Midwife, LHV, BSN, MSN etc.)
5Attested Photocopy of Matric Certificate
6Attested  Photocopy of Domicile Certificate
7Photocopy of Registration Card or No.
8For Duplicate Registration Card (I)       Original Copy of F.I.R about lost of Registration Card (II)      Attached Affidavit about lost of Registration Card (III)    Newspaper cutting about lost of Registration Card


   Fee Details

Sr. No.Fee DetailAmount (PAK Rs.)
1 New Registration Fee:
  • For Nurse, Lady Health Visitors (LHV), Midwife
2Renewal Fee:
  • For Nurse, Lady Health Visitors (LHV), Midwife
  • For Dai
3Provisional Registration Fee for each Diploma: (valid for 6 months)1000/-
4Urgent Fee2000/-
5Late Fee per year600/-
6Entry Fee per Diploma/Degree1000/-

Fee for Duplicate Registration card

8Verification Fee:
§   For Foreign Councils
§   For Local Institutions
9Registration/Renewal Fee For Foreigners:
10Card Fee (for re issuance of card in case of demage)1000

Additional Requirements for overseas Registered Nurses (Pakistani/Non Pakistani nationals)

Overseas qualified Nursing professionals applying for registration with PNC should fulfill the following additional requirements.

  1. Proof of registration in the State or Country in which qualification was obtained conferring the applicant right to practice as registered Nurse/Midwife/Lady Health visitor. 
  2. Equivalency certificate of the overseas qualification from Higher Education commission (HEC) Islamabad. 
  3. Attested Photocopy of Passport and detail of visa stamped for the education in the respective country.
  4. Details of course work and credit hours.


How to pay Fee?

Click here for detals.



Yodlee to share data—but give Chase first central bank clinton iowa pnc credit card payment control over it.

This comes a little more than a year after the bank announced a data sharing deal with Plaid to enable customers to more easily share data outside the bank.

Seemingly committed to data sharing and “open banking,” will Chase shut down connections to Plaid (and therefore Venmo)? Will other Zelle banks follow suit?

They’ll be watching what happens with PNC, for sure. If PNC sees limited account attrition, other Zelle banks will be likely to follow.

Never Underestimate Consumer Ingenuity

If Zelle banks do shut down access to Plaid in order to subvert Venmo, they may win the P2P battle, but might end up losing the banking war.

Here’s my bet: PNC will see very little account attrition resulting from the bank’s actions.

To be sure, some customers will change their P2P payment preferences.

But many others will simply open additional checking accounts with the Chimes and Money Lions of the world—while leaving their PNC accounts open.

They’ll move money from PNC to those other players via ACH or other methods—and continue using Venno through those accounts.

And who knows, maybe they’ll start using those fintech firms’ debit cards, as well.

Zelle’s quest for dominance is going to have some interesting consequences.

Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Check out my website. 

CardMatchFind card offers for you: This card is not currently available on, but you can still find a great card offer for you! Our CardMatch tool can help match you with prequalified offers and cards that align with your credit history – with no harm to your credit score. Get personalized offers from our partners in pnc credit card payment can be deceiving with this rewards credit card. The PNC points Visa credit card offers one of the highest rewards rates in the industry, especially for cardholders who have a hefty amount of savings deposited with PNC Bank. But PNC rewards points aren’t worth very much when cardholders redeem them. Valued at less than a quarter of a penny, cardholders need substantially more points than they do with most credit card rewards programs to earn a decent reward.

Cardholders who are already PNC Bank customers may find the PNC points card more appealing, since they can earn bonus points just by holding an account.

Extremely high points rate

If your goal is simply to earn a lot of points, you can’t do much better than the PNC Points rewards credit card. Cardholders automatically earn four points for every dollar spent – more than four times what the typical rewards cardholder earns. For cardholders who are customers of PNC Bank, the opportunities to earn rewards are even more numerous. PNC customers who have a qualifying deposit account can earn an extra 25 to 75 percent bonus on their earnings, depending on how much money they have saved.

Additional earnings through participating merchants

Cardholders can earn additional rewards points through PNC’s Purchase Payback program. When you use the card at a participating retailer, you may get additional points in exchange for shopping at that retailer again. The Purchase Payback program pnc credit card payment some effort on the cardholder’s part: You have to periodically scan your credit card statement online to look for relevant offers. But it could help boost your rewards earnings if you tend to shop at the same stores.

Stingy points value

PNC is generous with the number of points it awards with every purchase, but it’s disappointingly stingy when it comes to actually redeeming them. PNC rewards points are worth less than a quarter of a cent each, so you need to amass a substantial number of points to redeem anything worthwhile. A $100 Amazon gift card, for example, requires at least 45,450 points to redeem, while a $100 cash award requires at least 50,000 points. By contrast, rewards points attached to other credit cards typically are worth at least a penny each – and often even more. For what it’s worth, though, signing up for the card and making $750 in purchases during the first three billing cycles following the account’s opening will net you 50,000 bonus points.

Decent redemption

On the plus side, PNC doesn’t limit the number of points you can earn, so if you’re a fairly heavy spender, you could amass a substantial number of points. If you don’t have enough points saved up to buy a full airline ticket or other travel purchase, you can also use the points you have to pay for just part of your ticket and pay the remaining balance with the card. PNC Bank doesn’t let you transfer rewards points to other loyalty programs, though, which is disappointing for frequent travelers. Rewards points also expire after 48 months, so you have to use them fairly quickly.

(Almost) no perks

Unlike many credit cards, the PNC points Visa card also comes with surprisingly few perks. Cardholders are automatically enrolled in travel and emergency protection and have standard card protections, such as zero fraud liability, but that’s about it. Most competitors, by contrast, offer a wide range of travel and purchase benefits, such as travel insurance, extended warranties and other cardholder protections. The PNC Points Visa does offer a year of interest-free purchases as well as a year-long zero-percent balance transfer offer, but cardholders can easily find similar promotions on cards with more valuable benefits.

Why get the PNC Points Visa card?

  • You’re a PNC Bank customer and want a card with the same bank.
  • You have a lot of money deposited with PNC Bank and can earn a relatively high bonus.
  • You prefer point rewards instead of straight cash back.
  • You find it motivating to earn more points with every purchase.

How to use the PNC Points Visa card:

  • Use your card for the majority of your purchases so you can earn enough pnc credit card payment to redeem for more valuable rewards purchases.
  • Check the rewards site for deals of the week. You may be able to squeeze more value out of your rewards points if you redeem your rewards at a discount.
  • When you’re scanning your monthly statements, check for additional deals through the card’s Purchase Payback Program.
  • Do the math when deciding how to redeem your points. Rewards may have a greater or lesser dollar value compared to other rewards with the same number of required points. Phone number santander customer service example, a gift card may be worth $400 but a plane ticket may be worth only $300.

Is the PNC Points Visa card worth it?

Unless you’re an existing PNC Bank customer with a lot gpa requirements for south carolina state university money saved, there’s little upside to the PNC Points Visa card. Aside from its year-long 0 percent interest offer on purchases and balance transfers, the card offers next-to-nothing in the way of perks, and its accelerated rewards rate means little given the low value and short life of its points.

Our reviews and best card recommendations are based on an objective rating process and are not driven by advertising dollars. However, we do receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners. Learn more about our advertising policy


When I went to use my credit card the store told me the charge was not "authorized". What does that mean? What can I do?

If a charge is not authorized, it usually means that there is a problem with the account or that you are at, near, or over pnc credit card payment credit limit.

Usually, when you use your credit card at a store the merchant obtains authorization from the card issuer. This authorization tells the merchant that your account is valid and that sufficient credit is available to cover the purchase.

However, sometimes the merchant is unable to connect with your card issuer because of a technological glitch. You should call the card issuer to find out the reason the charge was not authorized.

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Finextra reported that “PNC Bank has been inundated with complaints from customers who have been left unable to connect their accounts to the Venmo app after a security update from the bank locked out data aggregator Pnc credit card payment bank’s response to complaints and requests for help:

Why is PNC doing this? According to its head of retail banking, "When aggregators access account numbers, many store them indefinitely, often unbeknownst to customers. This puts customers and their money at risk. We want to make sure we know who is setting up the account."

What The Media Thinks the Story Is

Reactions to PNC’s move have focused mostly on data aggregation and open banking:

  • Finextra wrote: “The dispute is part of a wider battle between banks mrs america fx trailer fintech upstarts over access to customer data. Plaid has grown into a multi-billion dollar company in just few years by tapping into increasing consumers demand to share their bank data with third party apps.”
  • Quoted in a CNBC article, Karen Mills, a senior fellow at Harvard Business School said “the PNC-Venmo spat shows how much we need to adopt open banking that lets customers own their own data.”

The Media is Wrong

PNC may be correct about the risk involved in data aggregators’ data management approaches. But the bank is a member of the Financial Data Exchange which is committed to “enhancing consumer controls of financial data through an API and technical standards that prioritize security, transparency and user experience.”

In other words, PNC is committed to sharing data and “open banking.”

Venmo-related security concerns is a bit of a red herring, however.

In October 2018, American Banker reported that “one banker said that soon after his firm launched Zelle, fraud pnc credit card payment so high he had to go into the office at midnight to shut the system down.”

And in fact, PNC struggled itself with Zelle-related fraud. A May 2018 Digital Transactions article reported that Zelle-related “hit double digit basis points of payment volume” for a period of time.

The bank was able to take steps to reduce the fraud rate. But that begs the question: If PNC can pnc credit card payment corrective actions, why can’t the data aggregators?

The Real Story

To Finextra’s point, there is a battle over access to customer data. But that’s not what’s going on here. And while open banking might enable consumers to own their own data (or at least better manage their data), that, too, is not what the PNC-Venmo spat is all about.

What the story is about is Zelle’s quest for P2P payment dominance.

As I wrote earlier this year in Venmo Versus Zelle: Who's Winning The P2P Payments War?, consumers who use What is the routing number for renasant bank payment apps typically use multiple services—and they’ll choose the app that is most convenient for them at the moment they want to transact.

That’s not good enough for Zelle, or for PNC, apparently.

The bank is betting that its customers will switch P2P providers before they switch checking accounts. Considering the pain involved with switching accounts, this might not be a bad bet.

Will Other Zelle Banks Follow Suit?

Two weeks ago, JPMorgan Chase announced an agreement with data aggregator Envestnet


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