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Victoria secret pink bookbags

victoria secret pink bookbags

Together, he and Nebraska went through the RV, stuffing backpacks with as And what was more, it had the Victoria's Secret logo emblazoned proudly on the. Shop Urban Outfitters for the latest styles in women's bags, wallets & backpacks. Whether you need a going out clutch, or an everyday tote we've got it all. Then, we get to Victoria's Secret. Brandon decided to just wait near the front while we of those PINK backpacks. All of that fun added up to $1,250.

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PINK Backpacks And Bags Just $25 @ Victoria's Secret

If you know a tween or even teen they can be super hard to buy for during the holiday season. But grab something PINK and instantly you found something they love.

For a limited time, Victoria's Secret is offering backpacks, handbags, and duffel bags for just $24.95 each!

Some of these usually run as much as $74.95 making for an amazing buy that will not last.

Christmas always makes the perfect timing to redo the kid's stuff while not only giving them a present but knocking 2 things out at once.

But don't think these bags are just for kids. I personally own one of their duffel bags and use it regularly during vacations, gym time, and to carry around sport gear.

The hottest item that we expect to leave the quickest is this Sequin Bling Backpack (was $74.95). This was super popular before school started and sold out meaning it will sell out again at this price.

Looking for a duffel bag? I highly suggest this Nation Weekender Duffel Bag it comes in 7 different colors that are all as adorable as you can imagine.

While this sale is for a limited time only we expect these to go quickly which means buying asap is essential.

Shipping is free with any $100 or more purchase.


With so many backpacks available, how can you find the right one? You need something with style, panache, and functionality. Whether you need a backpack for work, school, or the gym, you want to find something that can accentuate your unique personality. The Victoria Secret Pink Backpack might be just what you need, and we will tell you why.

There are a long list of companies and brands designing and selling chic bags- from a Victoria’s Secret Pink backpack, to Vera Bradley backpacks, Osprey Porter, toThe North Face-and finding the right fit with so many options is a must.

When looking for the perfect backpack, consider what you plan to use it for. You may want a rugged, hiking backpack if you enjoy and frequently partake in outdoor activities, or you may want a backpack for school or college.

You need to make your decision based on where you plan to use your backpack, what you will use it for, and how much storage space you need. Regardless of its purpose, you want to look for a backpack that has strong straps, so that they don’t tear after repeated use. You also want to ensure that the straps are adjustable, so your height will not stop you from enjoying it.

When considering its design, you will be faced with a plethora of choices. You may need multiple internal pockets because you often carry a laptop, or you may want one that has one big storage area, so you don’t have to spend much time grabbing what you need. If you live in a rainy area, or will be using the backpack outdoors (even if it’s just to walk to class), weigh whether you need it to be waterproof.

In terms of style, ponder whether you want something simple, or want a noticeable brand label. Also, make sure you like how it looks. Don’t sacrifice what you like because you find it easier to settle for something practical.

If you want to combine style, utility, versatility, and individuality in one backpack, Victoria’s Secret has launched a line of backpacks tailored to students like Victoria Secret pink backpacks for school. Although the brand is most known for clothing and lingerie, they have designed exceptional backpacks aimed to impress your peers while allowing you to have all the amenities of a standard backpack.

Also, take the time to search stores and online vendors to compare your options. You do not have to buy the first backpack you see. Be patient and search the internet and local retailers for the right fit. If you are a fan of the Pink brand, Victoria’s Secret has come out with a versatile line of backpacks that features a match for every lifestyle.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Campus Backpack Black Floral Print 2017

This fun, floral print Victoria’s Secret Pink Maroon Backpack is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement. The floral design is colorful, fun, and trendy, and the straps are padded, making it the perfect option for students. If you want to have the perfect back-to-school backpack to stand out on campus, this cute Pink backpack is a great option.

It has two zippered compartments, which is great if you need to organize and separate your laptop, notebooks, and folders. It also has a padded laptop sleeve, making this an ideal bag for students. Or, if you want a vibrant backpack when you’re on the go, the floral pattern is a wonderful design that is appealing and trendy.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Cocoon and Perfectly Pink Campus Backpack

Another great choice for a school backpack is this Pink Cocoon backpack, which packs plenty of flair, style, and pop. The two-tone pink and grey color scheme is refined, and the zebra stripe pattern straps add the perfect amount of sass. With adjustable straps, you will get a customized fit.

The exterior zippered pocket is great to store your wallet, and you will always have a place to put your bottle of water, as the sides feature drink pockets. If you don’t want to use the side pockets for a drink, they Velcro shut to ensure your contents are packed away safe. There are two main zippered compartments, and a padded laptop pocket. This bag is a great fit if you are a busy college student looking to make your backpack as stylish as you.

Victoria’s Secret Sling Bag Pink and Orange

If you need a more compact bag to bring with you to a concert, the gym, or a night out, a sling bag may your new go-to item. Although drawstring sling bags have always been great when you need to bring more than you can fit in your pockets, this Victoria’s Secret bag has some unique features. Unlike most sling bank of oklahoma com, this bag is accessed by opening and shutting a zipper, and even clips shut at the bottom.

The added security is great for anyone concerned with being the victim of an opportune pick pocketer. For people that like to carry a few essential items, but don’t want to be weighed down by a bulky bag, purse of backpack, this Pink sling bag is a phenomenal choice. The color selection also goes well with most outfits, and would complement almost any style.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Campus Backpack- Leopard Print

Feeling frisky? If you love leopard print, look no further. Victoria Secrets has come out with a bold, new take on backpacks. This electric leopard print backpack will make a statement, and definitely get you noticed, even in the largest of crowds.

A quintessential component to any busy student’s wardrobe is a backpack, and with padded, adjustable straps, a padded laptop pocket, and side pockets for drinks or storage, Victoria Secret hits the what is the capital of wyoming cheyenne for essential campus wear. If you need multiple pockets to organize your notebooks, pencils, and classroom essentials, this backpack will meet all of your needs. The sleek look is attention grabbing, and its practical features allow style and functionality to meet.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Backpack School Handbag Book Bag Iridescent Leopard Print

For a more bohemian look, this Victoria Secret Pink Backpack is the right fit. It features a classy leather strap that buckles, and a leather patch on the exterior pocket. Complete with a subtle, yet awestriking leopard pattern, the bag features padded, adjustable straps.

If you are looking for simplicity, the interior has no additional pockets, making all your items accessible in one place. The straps are leopard printed, and there’s also two zippered side pockets. This would be a great option for anyone who wants a more mature styled backpack, and doesn’t like multiple interior pockets. The buckle really adds creativity, and is a nice accent to an already unique backpack.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Mini Velvet Campus Backpack, Black Orchid

If you want something smaller, compact, and cute, Pink has a lovely, plush velvet mini backpack that is worth checking out. The velvet exterior is second to none-rarely do backpacks implement this refined fabric. It looks soft to the touch, and the deep color looks exceptional.

The rich maroon color is balanced out perfectly by the black lining and straps. With two pockets, there’s just the right amount of space for a few necessities, and a couple luxury items. It would be a great companion for concerts, or for a trip to the gym. The Velvet looks stunning, and reinvents the Victoria Secret Pink Backpack as something more than a way to carry around books.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Backpack sequined Iridescent Sequins

Have you ever wanted to add a victoria secret pink bookbags bling to your otherwise mundane walk to class? Well, this Pink Sequin backpack will certainly do the trick. This jaw dropping design really outshines the rest. With the sequins giving off the appearance of a multi-colored pallet, bland is truly the antithesis of this trendy backpack.

Despite its high fashion look, this bag still will check off all the boxes for an essential back to school backpack. It features a place to store you drinks with two side pockets, and an easy to access exterior front pocket, which is great for anyone who needs to keep their student ID or wallet within arm’s length. A padded laptop pocket makes it perfect for school, and gives you a safe place to store your laptop without having to buy a case.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Campus Backpack Pure Black

Victoria's Secret Pink Campus Backpack Pure Black

Victoria's Secret Pink Campus Backpack Pure Black

  • Full Size Backpack, 18 inches x 12 inches x 8 inches
  • Padded laptop sleeve fits up to 15 inch laptop
  • 8 interior pockets, water bottle pockets
  • Comfy shoulder straps
  • Side mesh pocket, exterior front pocket, top stash pocket

Last update was on: October 29, 2021 8:47 pm

out of stock

Black is the ultimate power color. Bold, tasteful, and commanding is the best way to describe this gem from Victoria’s Secret. For those that like to keep up with the newest fads while paying homage to classic styles, Pink’s Pure Black backpack is worth looking at.

Made for students and those who have a mobile office, it meets all the needs to safely transport your laptop, notebooks, and writing utensils. With mesh side pockets, you don’t have to worry about where to place that Starbucks Frappuccino you just bought. Padded straps make it comfortable to wear, and the subtle black and white stripe patterns on the straps and top handle give it just the right splash of color. This Victoria Secret Pink Backpack is a true gem and combines style and functionality.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Mini Backpack, Show Off

For something a little more colorful, Pink’s Show Off mini backpack is a nice fit for those desiring and craving a more svelte design. With mesh implemented in the design, the front pockets and main compartment border have a one of a kind look.

The three-tone color choice adds some zeal and pop. A little smaller than standard size backpacks, it still has plenty of room for classroom needs, or a trip to the library to study. It’s big enough to fit several notebooks and a laptop comfortably, but without being weighed down or unnecessarily bulky. The lime green straps add the right amount of splash, and would be great for those who don’t need to bring more than basics for class.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Mini Backpack Clear Sparkly Glitter Glow

Another nice item to consider if you need a smaller backpack is this super cute transparent Pink backpack. This is a great selection for anyone who wants something smaller that still has style. Great for using when you take a jog through the neighborhood, or go to an outdoor event, it’s just big enough to fit more than a wallet and keys.

With security at certain outdoor events victoria secret pink bookbags, a transparent bag will help you get through security faster. Also, the transparent design ensures you will never lose sight of your stuff. Having a fun, vibrant, and compact bag is also perfect for concerts, parks, bonfires, sporting events, and beaches.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Padded Laptop Sleeve Backpack School Book Bag Cox login pay bill If you enjoy having a hard to find, exclusive, and rare accessories, Victoria’s Secret has a great, elite maroon backpack. With more than enough space for multiple binders, folders, and notebooks, and a specialized, built in laptop sleeve, this Victoria Secret Backpack is the right way to prepare for back to school season.

This limited-edition backpack has “Pink” written in white cursive across the back, and emblazoned on the top handle and straps. Velcro side pockets are a great place to put an umbrella, water bottle, or car keys, and the padded straps add another level of comfort. Great for anyone that wishes to make a statement by complimenting your outfit with a backpack that screams exclusive.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Mini Backpack, Black

A great mini backpack to consider if you want a victoria secret pink bookbags accent piece is Pink’s black mini backpack.

Black goes with almost any outfit, and is a great color choice for a victoria secret pink bookbags nuanced, upscale look. Sometimes simplicity is the best option, and having a victoria secret pink bookbags, yet durable mini backpack is a wonderful pick if you don’t need to bring much with you.

With an all-black design, this backpack will also escape stains and discoloration, and the mesh front pocket allows the fabric to breath. If all you need are a few items like a phone, wallet, keys, and makeup, a small backpack is far easier to carry than a purse of bag.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Campus Backpack New Style 2014

This Victoria Secret Pink Backpack is excellent for all those who need plenty of storage, interior and exterior organization, and want a backpack that offers style and comfort.

What makes this particular backpack special is that it comes with more room, complete with 8 interior pockets, two water bottle pockets, and 2 exterior pockets.

The bag can easily fit multiple textbooks, and a full-size laptop. It has an almost Avant Garde design, with a tastefully done black and white horizontal line pattern. The multiple zippered pockets make it easy to separate your things, and the padded shoulder straps promise to prevent strain and discomfort during use.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Backpack Tie Dye Cupid Roses

The rose design paired with a pretty pink body makes this Cupid Roses backpack stand out. The rose design is a nice touch, and adds creativity to the backpack. The pink is a light toned, splash pattern, and the embroidered “P” on the front pocket nicely supplements the color scheme.

The zippers and straps feature a black and white stripe pattern, showing that small details should never be overlooked.

The top handle allows you to easily hang the backpack on a coat rack or inside a locker, and the two main pockets offer organization options. With side pockets, it’s easy to bring your drink with you, and laptop storage is built it.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Backpack Begonia Pink Iridescent

A nice tri color scheme, a block letter emblem, and a lighter shade make this backpack by Pink a nice decision if you prefer softer colors. The light pink looks great when combined with black and white borders, and the amble storage is perfect for college students.

If you are a huge fan of the Pink line, this is an excellent way to showcase your commitment and dedication to jose gonzalez chautauqua things Pink.

Having substantial storage and a laptop pocket makes it ideal for students who typically bring their computer to class. The interior storage size also makes it an ideal selection if you need to take a day trip and have to pack a little more than usual.

Multiple exterior pockets are easy to get to, and numerous interior pockets lets you organize your work or classroom materials.

Adjustable, padded straps allow you to get the perfect fit, and comfortably handle a heavy load.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Backpack Iridescent Foil Zipper NEW

Fans of 80s fashion and Back to the Future will love the foil like exterior of this backpack. The futuristic look features a silver, purple, and teal foil style, and is offset nicely by subtle black trim.

It is far from usual to find a backpack paying homage to the 80s that still maintains modern sensibilities.

The look is surely thought provoking and unique, and the backpack doesn’t sacrifice utility for style.

A ton of interior storage assures that you can fit everything you need in an organized, time-saving manner. The laptop pocket eliminates the need for bulky and pricey laptop cases, or unsightly messenger bags, and the side pockets provide additional space for everything from cellphones to drink bottles.

The Pink label that signifies the Victoria Secret Pink Backpack on the front adds a nice touch, and the thin black mesh that goes down the center of the straps really ties the design together.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Bling Campus Backpack, Deep Ruby

Victoria's Secret Pink Bling Campus Backpack, Deep Ruby

Victoria's Secret Pink Bling Campus Backpack, Deep Ruby

  • Full Size Backpack, 18 landmark credit union online banking x 12 inches x 8 inches
  • Zippered padded laptop sleeve fits 17'' laptop
  • Exterior zip pocket; internal mesh pocket
  • Comfy padded straps with mesh overlay for breathability
  • Velcro closure side pockets

Last update was on: October 29, 2021 8:47 pm

out of stock

This cool, hip design features traditional colors with an updated splash of bling. A rich maroon color with beautiful black and pink sequins adds a great splash of fun.

The side pockets and front emblem are done with black sequins, and pink sequins spell out “Pink.” The sequins allow the backpack to have a shot of bling, and give this backpack a unique personality.

The front patch is also sewed on, adding a luxury feel and look. Black zippers and straps look great in combination with the maroon. Plenty of storage makes it a valid pick for a back to school backpack, and the laptop pocket and multiple storage areas help you stay organized.

            Pros and Cons of Full Size Victoria Secret Backpacks


  • Large enough to fit multiple large items
  • Great if you are a student and need to carry materials for multiple classes
  • Eliminates the need for a laptop case or computer bag
  • Can be utilized as a gym bag
  • Helps you organize by providing security bank and trust company pockets
  • Has pockets for drinks and water bottles
  • Front pockets allow you to have quick access to items like wallets
  • Stylish and unique
  • Would make a great overnight bag for short trips
  • Able to carry over 20 pounds
  • Durable


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Can become bulky
  • May not be best for those who don’t need to bring many items with them

            Pros and Cons of Victoria Secret Mini Backpacks


  • Compact and space saving
  • Large enough to bring essential items
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Will easily fit in small lockers
  • Great for taking to the gym, active lifestyles, and outdoor trips
  • Excellent to bring to sporting events, concerts, and parks


  • Lack of storage makes it hard to fit items like laptops
  • Can’t hold as much weight as standard size backpacks

Classic Striped Canvas Duffle Bag

This is definitely one of the more classic Victoria Secret PINK duffle bags- I do believe it is the original style, as well as the one I most commonly see on commercials. I am not certain how much this bag is in circulation in stores- it has been a hot minute since I have seen someone carrying it around. Which does mean that you will stand out a bit when you are rocking this hot pink and petal pink striped back. A great deal, this duffle bag from Pink has 2 interior pouch pockets, and a classic pink zipper top closure. This bag is large enough to have every use under the sun, including:

  • Beach trip (Using this bag under the sun, after all)
  • Weekend get away
  • Shopping trip (save the planet a bit and start using reusable bags!)
  • School, if you are feeling like standing out a bit and being noticeable (hey, something has to stick in your instructors mind to get those recommendation letters)
  • This bag even meets regulations on travel carry-on
  • Sports gear- after all that is the original usage for duffle bags right?

I do love the classic lines of this bag, but I also love the ones with more flair. I tend to use this bag when I go shopping- I am not a huge fan of the light pink as it tends to get a little dingy after using it at the gym for a while. Which I suppose the goods news is the bag is washable. However- when it comes down to it I prefer a bit darker bag at the gym and a little brighter for going on trips for easier identification. So without further ado, I would love to continue this little adventure about all the great duffle bags that Victoria Secret PINK has to offer- because believe me it is a lot to take in. I have a lot in my house and it is a bit ridiculous, however I have no regrets.

Victoria Secret PINK Weekender Duffle Bag

Victoria Secret Weekender Duffle Bag

Victoria Secret Weekender Duffle Bag

  • Lightweight black mesh with pink embroidery
  • Packable
  • 22.5"L x 11"W x 11" H
  • Removable straps
Free shipping

Last update was on: October 29, 2021 8:47 pm

in stock

I am a huge fan of mesh bags for several reasons. One, and honestly this is the only real reason I have, is that when I inevitably drop liquid on my bag or drop it in the puddle or some sort of mishap- it airs out pretty well. I promise you I drop my cup or my coffee mug or an open water bottle at least three times a day. It is pretty pathetic. I am a fully grown adult and I remain the clumsiest person I know. The other great thing about mesh duffle bags is that it airs out sweaty gym clothes smell so my closet does not smell like an gym locker room (everybody in unison- EW). I truly love this Victoria Secret PINK duffle bag honestly- it is black which means the dirt does not show up quite as easily as other bags, and it has a detachable cross-body shoulder bag. That is something so great when it comes to duffle bags, and fairly rare. The pink detailing defiantly pops and the solid 5 star reviews? Just makes me want to buy another one, especially at such a great price.

Victoria Secret PINK Duffle Bag Silver/Gold Roses

If you love metallic bags to add that extra little pop to your outfit when you are going out this is definitely the bag to go for. I use this bag when I go on a weekend get away. The metallic shine and cute embroidered rose designs stand out on the luggage wheel of eternal waiting. A super roomy bag with zippered top flaps, adjustable shoulder straps and two hand held straps.

This duffle bag did have one slightly negative review. The customer stated that the polyester exterior wrinkled easily, and failed to have as many pockets as she had hoped. Fortunately her other requirements were met in the amount of items she could fit in the bag, and the lightweight feel of the bag. She chose to keep the bag, as the pros outweighed the cons when it came down to her usage of the bag. I would not suggest placing heavy things in this duffle bag as it is fairly lightweight. I usually place clothes and maybe a book or two in the bag for my weekend work trips. Best of luck with your search for the perfect duffle bag.

Victoria Secret Pink Gym Duffle Bag

First off no, this bag is not pink. I am a huge fan of gym bags as an avid gym goes. The military does not require adequate physical training to keep up with deployment level fitness so I hit the gym at least three extra times a week. I have a few bags that I switch back and forth. This duffle bag and the one I will try gmac auto insurance login best to describe to you next are probably my go tos. I love this bag soooo much. I have this gym tote bag in ruby, but it does come in a few different colors.

  • Ruby, black gradient and Maldive mist are the color descriptions
  • Polyester lining (so easy to clean off and wash when I need too)
  • It has a top zipper, with an inside pocket.
  • On the end of the bag is rockland federal credit union mansfield ma hours mesh exterior pocket that I shove my gym card in and a quick grab protein bar
  • The drop handle is almost a foot long- meaning you can totally put a rolled up mat in on top and carry it easily.
  • Reviews claim that this bag is great for all sorts of trips, however one woman complained that it could not fit everything for a trip in it (it is a gym bag lady- not a trip bag. It victoria secret pink bookbags meant to carry a change of clothes and like a hairbrush. In reality it holds more than that but let’s be real here)

This is my favorite gym bag. It is deep red color goes with anything that I put on and I do love that I can toss everything I need in there to go from gym rat to soldier without a problem. Love, love, love this bag and I would recommend it very highly if you are looking for a little splurge on a durable duffle bag from PINK.

Victoria Secret PINK Gym Duffle Bag

Okay I love this bag so much. I take this on beach trips a lot because of the great things it has. Carry handles with adjustable straps? Check. Side pockets? Check- and they come with bungee cord closures. Front zip pocket? Check- so easy to toss my keys, wallet and phone in. Comes in multiple colors? Check- 13 actually:

  • Midnight Tropical (multicolored palm leaves on a black background)
  • Black
  • Black and White PINK logo
  • Black and White stripes
  • Burgundy/Red
  • Grey Marl
  • Marled Grey
  • Neon Green
  • Olive Green (it has a dog on it!)
  • Palm Print black and white
  • Silver with rainbow stripes (not a super bright rainbow, but still very unique bag)
  • Warm geo (sort of earth colors in a geometric pattern)
  • Multi-colored (bright colors with a flower design center)

Once again I truly love this Victoria Secret duffle bag from PINK- it is so gorgeous and versatile. I use it for literally everything. I have the olive green design because it goes with my uniform if we are being honest. If you are looking for a duffle bag, this is the one that I ten out of ten recommend for anyone who is not exactly sure the main purpose, but is just looking for a general duffle bag for their lives.

Is the Victoria Secret Pink Backpack for you? We think so!

If you are in the hunt for a new school backpack, and are trying to find one that will meet both your fashion sense and scholastic needs, take time to investigate your options. Your choices are no longer limited to brick and mortar stores, or to standard, common retail brands.

Whether you are a student or occasionally work outside the office, make sure you have a backpack that is going to meet your criteria. If you know you need to carry large items, heavy books, or your laptop, it’s best to consider a full-sized backpack.

When deciding between multiple backpacks, try to think about what type of amenities and features you want. You may need multiple interior pockets to better organize your things, or you may prefer to just have one large, universal compartment.

If you usually bring your laptop with you, consider whether you want an internal laptop pocket. Laptop cases and computer bags can be expensive, but it’s important to make sure your laptop is protected when you are on the move.

If you need a backpack, but don’t find yourself carrying many items, you should look at the benefits of miniature, compact, or smaller backpacks. If the extent of your needs is for a few, small, light objects, a mini backpack may suite your needs better.

If you frequently attend outdoor bcb community bank hours events, smaller backpacks can be easier to bring than a bag or purse, and allow you to enjoy dancing at a concert or cheering on your favorite team without having to worry about finding a safe place to keep your purse.

Victoria Secret’s backpacks are just some of the many options at your disposal. With Pink becoming such a popular, well-known brand, some people may not know that victoria secret pink bookbags have an entire line catered towards students.

If you need something more rugged, or a backpack for camping, it is best to check out sporting goods stores.

Nonetheless, don’t settle for generic, everyday backpacks when you can use the internet to your advantage and find a backpack that accentuates your style.


The 13 best carry-on luggage and bags for your holiday travels in 2021

NY Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links.

Pack your bags and take off in style, all while skipping the dreaded baggage drop line.

Carry-on luggage is a lifesaver when traveling for long weekends and short trips, or for having everything you need handy in one place while the rest of your suitcases ride under the plane with the bigger bags.

However, one of the most stressful aspects of flying is making sure your beloved carry-on bag is the right size to stow in the cabin, as no one wants to be pulled over by TSA or while boarding and asked to rearrange or check an extra item.

Here’s where we can help, as all of the suitcases and backpacks listed here are all TSA-approved and should fit nicely in most airplanes’ overhead or under-the-seat storage areas.

Read on for the best hard-shell and soft-shell suitcases, duffles, backpacks and more that you can carry on all through 2022 and beyond.

Samsonite Plano Victoria secret pink bookbags 22 inch Carry-On, $105.98 (originally $297.51)

A black Samsonite suitcase on wheels

Don’t spin out in line for baggage drop. Instead, check out this Samsonite Spinner, which measures 22-inches and can easily be brought on board. It is also now on sale at Walmart for over $100 off, so the time to buy is now.

Away The Carry-On: Aluminum Edition, $525 to $545

A gold hard-shell suitcase from Away

Up, up and away! This bag truly is the gold standard — or silver, rose gold or black. The Aluminum Edition of the Away Carry-On is an elevated version of the OG bag, which you should grab now, as the coveted classic bag is sold out for the time being.

Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner, $74.99

A blue carry on suitcase on wheels

There’s nothing wrong with basic when you need a strong and dependable suitcase. This Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner bag is a great carry-on choice, as it can expand to hold all your holiday travel needs and comes in fun colors that are easy to spot in a crowded airport of black and silver bags.

Herschel Trade Luggage Hard Shell Carry-On, $199

A light pink carry on hard shell suitcase with a black handle and wheels

Trade victoria secret pink bookbags this travel season, to a new forex com vs td ameritrade from Herschel. The Trade Luggage Carry-On has a hard shell exterior and comes in two sizes: a larger 23-inch carry-on and a standard 21-inch.

Ted Baker Flying Colours Cabin Suitcase, $299

A black Ted Baker suitcase on wheels

Pass through TSA with flying colors with this bag from Ted Baker. Not only is it super stylish, but the added features like the lock and dual zippers make it perfect for any type of travel.

Paravel Aviator Carry-On, $275

A white and orange hard shell suitcase

We know air travel is a huge pollution problem, so at least you can travel carbon neutral with this Paravel bag. The Aviator Carry-On is constructed and shipped to you with the environment in mind, plus they also aim to offset the emissions from one flight for each bag made.

July Carry On Light, $225

An olive green carry on suitcase with black wheels and handle

Travel light this year. For those who love having less to schlep through the airport or pack into the car, this July suitcase is for you. It only weighs 1.8kg or about 4 pounds and comes in some pretty fun colors like olive green and light pink to easily spot in the airport.

Briggs & Riley Rhapsody-Softside Spinner Luggage, $339 (originally $439)

A black soft shell roller suitcase

Act fast, as this high-performance carry-on from Briggs & Riley is on sale now for $100 off, while supplies last. This brand is sold on Amazon and also has an option for a matching checked bag, should you want to travel with the stylish matching set.

Travelpro Maxlite® 5 International Expandable Carry-On Rollaboard®, $139.99

A black roller suitcase

Travel like a pro with this beloved suitcase brand. The Travelpro Maxlite bag is a great one for both domestic and international travel, keeping everything you need close with two front pockets and is easy to roll through the airport with four wheels and a PowerScope Lite handle that locks in at two different heights.

Baggallini 4-Wheel 22″ Carry-On, $199

A black carry-on size suitcase on wheels

For a soft-sided bag with all the pockets you could ever want, try out this carry-on for size. Speaking of, the bag measures 22-inches and meets most size requirements for overhead bin storage. The bag comes in either black or a dark eggplant purple, both of which come chase total checking 150 bonus a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Calpak Murphie Underseat Carry-On Luggage, $110

A small light pink carry on duffle

Don’t panic when the overhead storage fills up before you’ve even boarded, as this bag can be tucked under the seat for easy access and stress-free traveling. The best part is that the Calpak bag comes on wheels, so when the flight is over, pop up the handle and head to your final destination.

Dare to Roam Scout Weekender, $148

A black duffle bag

Dare to roam wherever your heart desires, knowing your bag is victoria secret pink bookbags cleanest one on the plane. The Scout Weekender is actually made of antimicrobial technology, keeping germs at bay as well as water with their specialty coating.

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag, $200

A yellow duffle bag with straps

While you cannot bring water on board, you can bring a bag made of 23 recycled water bottles. This bag from Dagne Dover is made of recycled Neoprene fabric that is both durable and functional, complete with a laptop sleeve that fits most 16-inch computers and a handlebar sleeve to easily split over any of the roller-bags above.




2019 edition grey mark with graphic



2019 edition in gray-burgundy


2019 edition camo print

tie dye

red plaid

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college bag black orchid stud

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soft begonia

chalk rose black lagos medi



new logo black/white gray mark nip

bookbag school bag pocket zip new nwt


sherpa snow white


black navy




Victoria Secret’s Back to School Sale cuts PINK MacBook Backpacks down to $41

Head back to school in style with Victoria Secret’s PINK backpacks with prices as low as $41. Prices are as marked. Each of the backpacks are very fashionable and feature 4+ ratings on each style. Orders of $100+ receive free delivery.

Our top picks for women include:

  • White Camo Campus Backpack $41 (Orig. $55): A perfect back to school backpack and with over 350 reviews, it’s rated 4.7/5 stars.
  • Bling Campus Backpack $44 (Orig. $60): Fit your 15-inch Bank of america login child support comfortably in this fashion-forward backpack.
  • Collegiate Backpack $48 (Orig. $65): Whether you’re off to school, work or headed on a vacation, this bag can fit all of your essentials.
  • Bling Collegiate Backpack $52 (Orig. $70): This backpack features padded shoulder straps and mesh paneling for breathable comfort.

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victoria secret pink bookbags
victoria secret pink bookbags


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