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Bank of america edd debit card activation

bank of america edd debit card activation

Activate Bank of America EDD Debit Card · Get access to a Bank of America ATM and activate the card with your Pin. · If you fail to activate the card at an ATM. Steps to activate your Bank of America EDD card · Go to this website, there you will observe the option of Activate My. The Bank of America EDD Debit Card members, who have received their new cards in the mail, can activate it online and sign in for an online.

Bank of america edd debit card activation -

The Employment Development Department (EDD) is a department of the California State Government that provides various services to job seekers, Businesses, and workers. The department offers benefit programs such as the Disability Insurance (DI), Unemployment Insurance (UI), and Paid Family Leave (PFL) programs. Such programs aim to provide financial stability to workers and their families, whereby the beneficiaries can get EDD Cards. I will focus on answering the question, “can you transfer money from EDD card to a bank account?”

The Bank of America (BofA) issues the EDD debit card to the beneficiaries, and you can receive your benefits via the card. The bank will always send you a mail to inform you that you have received the funds. You may not get a notification immediately if you receive your claims due to the high volumes of the benefits that the bank has to process. It may take a few days to get your notification about your funds after they are in your account.

An EDD debit card is like a regular debit card whereby you can use it for various types of transactions such as payment of goods and services online and swiping at physical stores. Also, the Visa debit card allows you to withdraw funds at ATMs that accept Visa cards. The card has no minimum amount to maintain in your account, and you may withdraw all your benefits if you so wish.

Can you transfer money from the EDD card to a bank account?

You can transfer your money from the EDD card to your bank account (personal checking or savings account) with ease by setting up a direct transfer. If you set up a direct transfer, it means that you can transfer funds electronically from your card to your bank account.

Once you receive your EDD debit card, you should call the Bank of America (the card issuer) via 1-866-692-9374 (voice) or TTY 1-866-656-5913 to help you carry out the whole process. You can even contact the Bank of America online and request them to set up the direct deposit. When setting up direct deposit for your EDD card, you need;

  • A debit card (issued in your name)
  • An active email account.
  • The bank account and routing number for the account where you want to transfer the funds.

Once BofA completes the direct deposit process, you can then transfer funds to your bank account online. One can send money with a checking account number instantly to other account holders of your bank once the balance reflects in your bank account.

Furthermore, with money in a checking account, you can pay bills, recharge other cards, send them to mobile wallets, and so on. You can download the ‎BofA Prepaid Mobile on the App Store or at Google Play Store and create an online account for your EDD card.

You do not need an account with the Bank of America to get the debit card. Moreover, you do not need to have an account with any other bank to receive the card. That means you can decide to use the card independently. If you set up a direct deposit, you can modify or cancel it at any time.

How long do I wait for the EDD debit card?

Once you certify for the benefits, BofA sends you the card during the first week of your benefit payments. EDD approves all the payments made to your card. The card may take up to 5 business days to arrive at the address you provide during the application.

After that, EDD subsequent payments will automatically reflect in your card account as soon as they remit. State Disability Insurance beneficiaries receive the debit card, a payment notification (DE 2500E), and a message for the California debit card for Unemployment and Disability Benefits.

Usually, your debit card comes with;

  • Information about the card
  • Instructions to activate
  • Quick Reference Guide, which has customer service and fee schedule information
  • California Employment Development Department Card Deposit Agreement containing Schedule of Bank Fees
  • Privacy policy of the Bank of America

The bank of America advises you to activate the card immediately when you receive it. You should carefully read all the information that comes with the card to ensure proper activation.

How do you cash out money from an EDD debit card?

Since the EDD card is like any other debit card, there are various ways you can cash out your money. The first one is what I have outlined above, whereby you can set up a direct deposit to a bank account. Once the funds are in your bank account, you can then withdraw them over the counter.

You can also cash out your money from any bank that accepts visa cards. You need to visit any bank and withdraw cash over the counter. You can track your transactions from your online account any time you cash out over the counter.

The other option you can get money from your EDD card is by withdrawing at an ATM. There are lots of ATMs countrywide where you can withdraw cash. ATM withdrawals at the Bank of America are free. Also, you can make two free withdrawals per EDD benefit deposit at any non-network ATM accepting Visa cards.

How can I get cash from my card account if I do not have the EDD debit card?

Can You Transfer Money From an EDD Card to a Bank Account

If you need money urgently and have not yet received the debit card, you should utilize the Bank of America’s domestic emergency cash transfer feature. You should call the BofA customer service representatives via 1-866-692-9374 (voice) or 1-866-656-5913 (TTY). If you are outside the country, you can collect at 423-262-1650.

What is the importance of the EDD Debit Card over a bank account?

The first payments from EDD are specifically via the debit card, even though you can set a direct deposit so that some amount can always go to your bank account. The debit card has the following advantages.

  • It is convenient. Since you stay with the card and can move with it to any place, the money is accessible when you need it.
  • Easy to use. A debit card is not as complicated as a bank account, where you have to line up and authorize transactions with your signature plus some paperwork.
  •  More secure. The EDD debit card is more secure since various security mechanisms are put on the card and the online card account.
  • Efficient delivery of the EDD benefits

The government finds the card better to deliver the funds to the beneficiaries as compared to other means.

How do I protect the debit card?

There are various ways you should protect the card and your money. They include the following.

  • Keep the PIN a secret. If someone else knows the card PIN, they can steal it and withdraw money at an ATM point.
  • Keep the card in a safe place. You need to know that someone can use your card information, such as the card number and the CVV code, to pay for goods online. Therefore, you should keep it in a safe place.
  • Do not provide any personal information about your debit card to anybody pretending to be a BofA representative. BofA does not call, email or mail to ask for personal information such as PIN, card number, or security code.
  • If you lose your debit card, report immediately to BofA to lock it.
  • When operating your account online, do not use insecure internet connections such as public WiFi. Some crooks can gain access to your information through such networks.

The card issuer has also put various security measures to protect money in the card account. The multiple ways that the BofA uses to protect your card include the following.

  • End-to-end encryption. The feature ensures that no other party can intercept the communication between you and the servers. It is also advisable to use secure internet connections.
  • Use of PIN or touch ID Since only you know the PIN, then no one else can use the card to withdraw money. Also, the touch ID is unique, and no one can log in online to make a transaction.
  • Password for online access to your card and password recovery question. If you enter a wrong password or security question answer severally, the Benefit Programs Online will lock your account temporarily. 

Is EDD Debit Card free to use?

Most services by card are free. However, there are a few kinds of transactions that you must part with some fees. There are no fees in the following.

  • Cash-back with purchases at drug stores,  grocery stores, and U.S. post office locations
  • ATM withdrawals at domestic BofA ATMs
  • Unlimited teller access at any bank that accepts Visa cards
  • Two free ATM withdrawals per each benefit deposit at non-Bank of America ATMs
  • Direct deposits transfers
  • Unlimited balance inquiries at ATMs or online
  • Unlimited live and automated customer service inquiries
  • Domestic card replacement

Despite charging nothing for various transactions, the EDD Debit Card may apply fees on the following.

  • ATM withdrawals at non-BofA ATMs after the two free transactions per deposit.

Non-Bank of America ATM withdrawals

  • Domestic Emergency Cash Transfer.
  • International ATM withdrawals.

After how long does the EDD Debit Card expire?

The debit card is valid for three (3) years from the date of issuance. You should make sure that you keep it until it expires, whereby you can destroy it. BofA will automatically issue you a new card if the current one is about to expire.

The condition for the automatic issuance of the card is that you must have transacted with the expiring card for the last 90 days or have a card balance of at least $20.Once BofA mails the card, you should get it within 7-10 days. Otherwise, you will not get your card, and you will have to call BofA customer care to inquire about it.

Can I get an EDD card replacement?

You can get a free card replacement if you lose the current card or when someone steals it. You can also request a new EDD debit card if you accidentally damage the present one at no fee. You must contact the BofA customer care to send the new card to your address.

What happens if you give false information to get an EDD card?

Once the EDD discovers that you gave the wrong information to benefit from the claims, you may be suspended from the program or penalized. You can even face criminal prosecutions that can land you in jail.  Frauds leading to overpayments can see you receive penalties equal to 30% of the overpayment amount.

How do I qualify for the EDD card?

You must qualify for the Employment Development Department (EDD) claims to get the card later. To apply for the benefits, you can visit the Employment Development Department website to check whether you qualify. Currently, those affected by the Covid’19 pandemic to the extent that they lost their jobs or are getting partial payments can apply.

You need the following information with you when applying.

  • Last Employer. Information about your previous employer includes company name, supervisor’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Employment History. It includes the employers you worked with during the past 18 months. Have their name, addresses, and the dates of employment, hours worked per week, gross wages, the hourly rate of pay, and the reason why you are no longer working. You also need a Notice to Federal Employees about Unemployment Insurance if you are a former employee and DD 214 Member 4 copy for military ex-military applicants.
  • Identity Documents. You can take a selfie photo and upload an image of your identity document to verify your identity at UI Online.

Note that, you can file a claim with the UI online as per the table below.

Days of the Week Available Time
Sunday 5 am – 8:30 pm
Monday 4 am – 10 pm
Tuesday – Friday 2 am – 10 pm
Saturday 2 am – 8 pm

Bottom line

You can get a debit card from the Employment Development Department. The EDD card by the Bank of America allows you to transfer your funds to a bank account to use them for various kinds of transactions. Furthermore, you can withdraw money from your card at an ATM or over the counter in a bank that accepts the Visa debit card. Your new debit card arrives automatically once the current card is about to expire.


bank of america edd debit card login

Searching for bank of america edd debit card login? Use official links below to sign-in to your account.

If there are any problems with bank of america edd debit card login, check if password and username is written correctly. Also, you can contact with customer support and ask them for help. If you don't remember you personal data, use button "Forgot Password". If you don't have an account yet, please create a new one by clicking sign up button/link.

EDD Debit Card - Sign In - Bank of America
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Bank of America EDD Debit Card

How to Activate Bank of America Credit, Debit, and EDD Card?

November 22, 2019 / Admin

Last updated on October 8th, 2021

Bank of America is a reputed multinational investment bank and financial services company. The second-largest backing institution is the biggest is known for providing services to more than 10% of all American bank deposits. The primary financial services of BofA revolve around commercial banking, investment banking, and wealth management. In addition, the bank offers a wide range of Credit, Debit, and EDD Cards. If you have recently registered for an account in Bank of America and you have received a new Debit Card, Credit Card, or EDD Card, you would want to know how to activate it for use. To know how you can quickly activate your Bank of America Credit Card, Debit Card, and Edd Card, you can follow the instructions provided below.

Steps to Activate Bank of America Debit Card, Credit Card, and EDD Card

Activating your Bank of Credit Card, Debit Card, and EDD card is quite simple, easy, and secure. All you need to do is confirm your identity, verify your card and start using it right away. However, to activate your BofA card, you must have registered a phone number and email address associated with the card or account you opened in the Bank of America. Once you have this, you can follow these methods to activate your Bank of America debit Card, Credit Card, and EDD Card.

For Bank of America Credit Card Activation

  1. Activating your Bank of America Credit Card Using Online Banking

Suppose you are already using the Online Banking service of Bank of America. In that case, you can easily activate your BofA Credit Card by simply signing into your account using your Online Banking ID and Passcode. To activate your Bank of America Credit Card via Online Banking, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Online Banking sign-in page on your web browser.
  • Once you are on the Online Banking sign-in page, you must enter your Online ID and Passcode in the provided fields and click on the Sign In button.
  • Once you are logged in to your account, you can follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Bank of America Credit Card.
  1. Activating your Bank of America Credit Card by Phone Number

You can also activate your Bank of America Credit Card easily by dialing 800 222 7365. Just call on this number from your registered phone number and follow the instructions suggested. Your BofA Credit Card will be activated right away.

NOTE: In case you have not yet enrolled for Online & Mobile Banking, you can quickly register for it by going following these steps:

  • Go to the “Enroll in Online Banking” page on your web browser.
  • Once you are on this page, you will need to enter your Card or Account Number (Last 6 Digits) and your Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax ID Number (TIN) in the provided fields.
  • Then, click on the Continue button and follow the on-screen instructions to enroll in online banking.
  • Once you enroll in Online Banking, you can follow the steps mentioned above to activate your Bank of America Credit Card.

For Bank of America Debit Card Activation

If you are looking to activate your Bank of America Debit Card, there are numerous methods to do. Below you can find the step-by-step instructions for different methods to activate your Bank of America Debit Card.

  1. Activation of Bank of America Debit Card through BofA Website

You can easily activate your BofA debit card through their website by following these steps:

  • First, on your web browser, you will need to go to the Online Banking sign-in.
  • Once you are on the sign-in page, you will need to enter Online ID and Passcode in the prompted fields and click on the Sign-in
  • After that, follow the on-screen prompts to activate your Bank of America Debit Card.
  • Your debit card will be activated, and you will be able to use it.

NOTE: If you have not yet enrolled for Online & Mobile Banking, you can refer to the steps provided above. After that, you can follow the steps to activate the Bank of America Debit Card through BofA Website.

  1. Activating Bank of America Debit Card Using Mobile Application

Another quick way to enable your Bank of America Debit Card is using the mobile application. To know how to activate your BofA debit card through the mobile application, follow the steps below.

  • On your Android or iOS device, go to Play Store (For Android Users). However, if you are an iOS user (iPhone or iPad), you will need to go to the Apple Store.
  • Once you are on your device’s application store, you will need to search for the Bank of America mobile application.
  • Download and install the mobile application on your device.
  • Once you have installed the app on your device, sign in to your account and find the option to activate your Bank of America debit cards.
  1. Activate Bank of America Debit Card using card Only

Yes, in addition to activating your Bank of America Debit Card using Online Banking and Mobile Application, you can also activate it quickly by simply making a purchase using your debit card. However, to activate your Bank of America Card with this method, you must have the debit card’s PIN that you wish to activate.

For Bank of America EDD Card Activation

If you have a Bank of America EDD Card, you can activate it easily by visiting the official website. Here are the quick steps to do it.

Activating Bank of America EDD Debit Card

  • On your web browser, go to the EDD Debit Card Activation.
  • Once you are on the EDD Debit Card Activation page, you will need to enter the card number of your EDD card, which you wish to activate in the provided field.
  • After entering your EDD debit card number and click on the Continue button, you will be directed to the next page.
  • All you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions to activate your BofA EDD card on the next page.

Still Not Able to Activate your Bank of America Credit/Debit/EDD Card?

Suppose you are experiencing trouble activating your Bank of America Credit/Debit/EDD Card, even after following the steps mentioned above. In that case, you can seek assistance from Bank of America customer support. Following are the Bank of America customer support contact details.

Bank of America Customer Support (EDD Debit Card)

  • 866.692.9374
  • 866.656.5913 TTY line for the hearing impaired
  • 262.1650 Outside the United States, call collect
  • Email: [email protected]

Bank of America Customer Support (Debit Card)

  • 800 432 1000 (Monday to Friday 8 AM – 11 PM) (Saturday to Sunday 8 AM – 8 PM) (All Times ET)
  • 1 315 724 4022 (Outside the US) (International Collect, Cell Phone Roaming Charges May Apply)
  • Schedule an Appointment

Bank of America Customer Support (Credit Card)

  • 800 732 9194 (Including Lost or Stolen Card Assistance)
  • 1 757 677 4701 (International Cell Phone Roaming Charges May Apply)
  • 800 222 7365 (Credit Card Activation)
  • 866 266 0212 (Credit Card Billing Inquiries)

Well, now as you have sufficient information on how you can activate your Bank of America Credit Card, Debit Card, and EDD Debit Card, you can easily follow these instructions to activate your desired BofA card quickly.

- American Credit ...
    Secure Login The Bank of America EDD (Employment Development Department) Debit Card is a card for recipients of unemployment, disability, and paid family leave benefits. The card is mailed to the individual and is valid of three (3) years. Direct deposits are available and the card may be used 24/7 at any merchant that accepts […] Check EDD Debit/Credit Card Balance
    Activating BankofAmerica/EddCard Debit Card: If you have EDD Debit Card by Bank of America but do not know how to activate and use it. Then we are here to provide you details regarding its Login and activation of EDD Debit Card. You can use these ways to activate your EDD Debit Card. Login

Government Prepaid Card Complaints Soared in 2020. Here’s Why

Last year, millions of Americans turned to government aid programs to keep their finances afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. But for some people, this much needed cash came with extra strings attached: a prepaid debit card to access their funds.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) received 2,900 complaints about prepaid government benefits cards in 2020, compared to just 600 in 2019. The year prior? Just 300.

The jump in prepaid cards complaints in 2020 coincided with a nearly 400% increase in complaints overall to the CFPB as Americans learned to navigate a largely upended financial reality.

The complaints highlight the strange space that prepaid debit cards occupy. On one hand, they offer convenience for people who don’t have or don’t want to use a bank account. But they can often be laden with fees that eat away at what for some may already be a meager allowance. And in the case of stimulus payments, you may have received a prepaid card that you never wanted in the first place.

More Prepaid Cards Led to More Complaints

The increase in complaints about prepaid cards was directly connected to Covid-19 financial aid programs.

Millions of people received stimulus payments on a prepaid debit card that arrived by mail. In some cases, Social Security recipients and veterans received their payments on their Direct Express prepaid debit cards; the Treasury Department said it issued more than 7 million stimulus payments to Direct Express cards in 2020 and early 2021.

And in almost every state in the U.S., applicants for unemployment insurance benefits can choose to receive their weekly payments via prepaid card. (In California, Nevada and Maryland, a prepaid debit card is the only electronic method to access your benefits.)

In April 2020 alone, more than 23 million people applied for unemployment benefits after a nearly nationwide shutdown forced businesses to close temporarily. Many businesses have not reopened, and 6% of the labor force is still unemployed.

There’s little nationwide data on how many unemployed people chose prepaid cards over other payment options. However, Bank of America, which issues cards for California’s Employment Development Department (EDD), issued more than 8 million debit cards for California residents alone between March and November last year.

This meant you could have found yourself using a prepaid card for the very first time—or even a handful of prepaid cards, all managed through different systems, and bearing a range of fees for different services.

And the card issuers contracted by state or federal government offices weren’t prepared for the flood of questions from cardholders.

Problems Consumers Encountered With Their Benefit Cards

The complaints submitted to the CFPB were wide-ranging:

  • 33% of complainants reported trouble getting, activating or registering their card
  • 30% had trouble using the card, including trying to use it to make purchases, withdraw money or pay bills
  • 24% had problems with disputes about purchases or transfers that hadn’t been resolved, or issues with charges the cardholder didn’t make
  • 11% had problems with fees for their card

Some of the complaints reveal the frustration and at times desperation consumers experienced. More than 300 complaints discussed being “on hold” with customer service for hours, their calls being dropped by the system or otherwise failing to be connected to a live human for help.

In April 2020, residents made 48 million calls to the California EDD with questions about their unemployment claims, a volume a spokesperson called “staggering” in an interview with nonprofit journalism venture CalMatters.

These problems weren’t confined to California. “I have never received a debit card for the Oklahoma unemployment benefits,” one person wrote in early May, noting they waited 21 business days as directed by the state employment office. “I have made a call for over three weeks and am on hold for as long as four hours and never get a representative to answer my call.” The consumer said that because of their lack of benefits, they had gone without their medications for more than a week.

Unemployment benefit prepaid cards generated the highest number of complaints compared to other government benefit programs. At one point last fall, Bank of America froze more than 377,000 unemployment accounts to investigate potential fraud. That made funds unavailable for claimants with legitimate accounts, in some cases for weeks. Some Coloradans receiving unemployment benefits on Reliacard experienced a similar issue.

Comerica, which issues Direct Express cards for Social Security and veterans benefits as well as Way2Go unemployment payment cards, declined to comment for this story. U.S. Bank, which issues Reliacard for unemployment benefits, did not respond to Forbes Advisor’s request for comment.

The IRS and the Treasury announced in May 2020 that some eligible people would receive their CARES Act stimulus payments by prepaid card. Nearly 4 million people received Economic Impact Payment cards by mail for the first stimulus payment—and problems immediately ensued. Many recipients thought the cards were a scam and threw them out even though the IRS released images of the cards and envelopes to reassure them.

“For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to activate the EIP card I got as part of the stimulus,” a consumer from New York wrote in July. “I call the only number available that it claims is for customer service 24/7.” Each time the consumer called, they followed the instructions to activate their card by inputting the card number and providing part of their Social Security number.

“The recording then says, ‘We’re unable to process your request at this time. Goodbye.’ There is no other phone number for this card or a way to contact customer service online. The only other way to contact them appears to be an address,” they added.

Aaron Klein, a senior fellow of economic studies at the Brookings Institution, said the complaints are unsurprising, considering the millions of people who received some sort of government benefit last year. “It’s a stark reminder that we have a payment system of government benefits that is slow and inefficient in the best of times, and grossly unprepared for the worst of times,” he says.

Prepaid Cards Can Be Costly and Complicated to Use

Prepaid debit cards are far from a new option for people receiving government benefits. Social Security benefits, for example, switched to a completely electronic payment system in 2013, allowing recipients to choose direct deposit into a bank account or a prepaid card.

Prepaid cards offer recipients an alternative if they don’t want to use a bank account for direct deposit, or don’t use traditional bank accounts. About 5% of American households were unbanked—meaning they didn’t have a bank or credit union account—in 2019, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. But categorized by race, 12% of Hispanic and nearly 14% of Black households were unbanked, compared to just 2.5% of white households.

But Klein points out that prepaid cards aren’t exclusively for the underbanked. One out of every 10 swipes at a register is a prepaid card, he notes, adding that gift cards are included in this category. Some people who have a bank account choose to receive benefits via prepaid card. Or in the case of stimulus payments, many of the people who received prepaid cards got them because the IRS didn’t have their current bank account info.

However, prepaid cards can still confuse or frustrate users.

A CFPB directory of prepaid card servicers offers 93 options for government benefits, a mish-mash of state programs and card providers each bearing different terms of use.

Each card has a different fee structure. Although the fees for cardholders are negotiated by government offices to ensure they’re reasonable, a Federal Reserve report noted that issuers of prepaid cards for government benefits collected more than $97 million in ATM fees and $33 million in account servicing fees in 2019.

Fees for using are often small, but can add up for someone on a limited income. The Direct Express card for Social Security and veterans’ benefits allows one free in-network ATM withdrawal per month, then charges an 85-cent fee for in- and out-of-network ATM withdrawals. A $1.50 fee applies for each transfer to a U.S. bank account.

New Mexico’s unemployment prepaid debit card allows one free in-network ATM withdrawal per deposit, along with one teller-assisted withdrawal per deposit. Beyond that, ATM visits incur a $1.50 fee in or out of network, and additional teller-assisted withdrawals cost $5.00 each. Calling customer service costs 50 cents.

And EIP cards came with their own set of fees, including out-of-network ATM fees. It can cost up to $24 for expedited replacement of a lost card.

Recipients are supposed to be made aware of a prepaid card’s fees before signing up—with the exception of EIP cards, which arrived in the mail unexpectedly for some. This led to many cards getting trashed as junk mail.

What to Do If You Have a Problem With Your Prepaid Card

The good news: Most complaints made to the CFPB about government benefit prepaid cards last year have been resolved, according to the bureau’s report.

The bad news: 92% of the people who made complaints said they had tried to resolve the problem with their card issuer before turning to the CFPB as a last resort.

Here are some tips for using and managing your prepaid debit card.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Card’s Fees

Prepaid debit card issuers are required to tell you about fees and use restrictions in an easy-to-read format when you get your card. (You can view an example of a prepaid card fee schedule on the CFPB website.)

Don’t throw out any of the brochures or other paperwork that comes with your card; keep it to refer to so you can avoid actions that may result in fees whenever possible.

If you lose your card agreement, look on your prepaid card issuer’s website or search the CFPB directory of prepaid card agreements for yours.

Choose Direct Deposit if You Can

Klein recommends choosing direct deposit of government benefits to a bank account whenever possible.

If a traditional bank account is too expensive, he recommends opening an account that’s a part of the FDIC’s Bank On program. These accounts are available at 15 banks and credit unions, and are certified by the Bank On program’s standards for having low initial deposit requirements and minimal fees.

Transfer Your Funds

If you have a bank account but are receiving funds on a prepaid card, Klein recommends transferring them to your bank account as soon as possible. Doing so will give you greater flexibility for using the money, likely with fewer fees for actions like visiting an ATM.

Most government benefit prepaid cards allow you to make one transfer to a bank for free per payment you receive.

If your card is a one-time use card (like an EIP card), you can cut it up and trash it once you confirm the transfer is complete. But if your card gets recurring payments (like an unemployment card), you may need to keep it and initiate a new transfer each time you get paid.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card Immediately

Notify your card issuer right away if you lose your card or suspect it’s been stolen.

Most government benefit prepaid cards have the same liability rules as a debit card—meaning your card issuer will probably be able to return the stolen funds to your account. But if you wait as little as two days to report your card stolen, you could be held liable for up to $50 (If someone made a fraudulent purchase of $200 using your benefits card, you’d only recover $150).

If someone steals your EBT card, you’re not guaranteed to get those lost funds back.

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Activate Bank of America EDD Debit Card

The EDD Debit Card stands for the Employment Development Department Debit Card, the function of which is to deliver California Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Paid Family Leave benefit payments in a new and more efficient way. A Bank of America EDD Debit Card will be valid for three years from issue date. Once recognized eligible for the benefits above, the claimants will be mailed a Visa? EDD Debit Card automatically and the benefit payments will be deposited to the debit card account. With a Bank of America EDD Debit Card, users will have easy access to their funds at anytime and at anywhere in stores, online, or by phone, as long as Visa debit cards are accepted. Moreover, cash is approachable to users. They can transfer their deposit to a checking or savings account directly and cash access through ATMs, point of sale terminals, and tellers at any Visa bank or credit union is available as well. Besides, users won't be troubled to wait for checks in the mail and they will be free of check-cashing fees. This card can also be used to pay bills.

About Bank of AmericaAs a corporation specialized in multinational banking and financial services, Bank of America Corporation is a leading bank holding company in the USA. Bank of America provides services for clients in more than 150 countries and has established relationship with a large number of companies with great assets at home and abroad. How to activate Bank of America EDD Debit Card?
  • Requirements
    1. Your Bank of America EDD Debit Card.
    2. Get access to a Bank of America ATM and the Pin.
    3. Get through to 800-432-1000 by phone.
    4. Get access to Bank of America's credit card website.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Get access to a Bank of America ATM and activate the card with your Pin.
    2. If you fail to activate the card at an ATM, call the customer service at 800-432-1000 for the activation of the card.
    3. If you fail to activate the card in the two ways above, visit the Bank of America EDD Debit Card Homepagecard (related link 1 below) and click "Activate My Card".
    4. Then you go to the activation website,enter the number on card and expiration date and click "Continue".
    5. If you have any questions, click "FAQ" for help.
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bank of america edd debit card activation
bank of america edd debit card activation


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