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Bank of america custom debit card design

bank of america custom debit card design

Discover, Yes, Customers can choose from a stable of designs Bank of America debit card customers can pick a debit card that marks them. Your versatile Nusenda debit card works both as a Visa™ debit card and your ATM card and can earn you cash rewards with our Community Rewards Program. Bank of America® Banking Services. image. Open a Cal Alumni personal checking account* and help generate contributions to the Alumni Association—at no.
bank of america custom debit card design

Bank of america custom debit card design -

How to Get a New Card Design From Bank of America

You can get different card designs from Bank of America.

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Bank of America offers account holders the option of getting a free debit card when they open personal or business checking and credit card accounts. If you didn't ask for a customized card then, you only got a debit or credit card that bears the Bank of America logo. The bank provides two convenient ways to change your existing debit card design.

Review Design Choices

The custom debit card designs that you can choose from depend on the type of account you have. Bank of America doesn't offer this choice for every type of personal checking account. However, you can review the current design possibilities by downloading the bank's latest Affinity Banking Program offers.

Popular designs let you support your favorite charity, sports teams or your favorite season. You'll find most major league baseball and football teams designs. You can also choose charities, such as Susan G. Komen, the World Wildlife Foundation and the International Honor Society. Get a card that displays your professional affiliations, including medical, legal and even Amway or the American Quarter Horse Association. Service members, veterans and supporters can adorn their cards with emblems for any of our military branches. Current options also include many colleges and universities, along with alumni associations.

Bank of America Custom Card Fees

Generally, Bank of America charges a ​$5​ fee to replace an existing ATM card. However, you can avoid paying this fee if you wait until your card is close to its expiration date. There is no charge for replacing a card that is about to expire. Inquire about changing to one of the customized Bank of America debit card designs at least a month before your current card's expiration date. The bank automatically creates a new card to replace the one that's expiring, so you'll want to order your custom card before they ship a replacement for your expiring card.

Call Bank of America Toll-Free

If you're just too busy to visit the branch, call Bank of America Affinity Banking toll-free at 800-432-1000. The bank staffs this line from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time on weekdays. Weekend hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Account holders who are not currently in the U.S. can call 315-724-4022 collect.

The customer service agents can tell you whether the account that you have with Bank of America is eligible for a custom Affinity Banking debit card. If your account is eligible for a Bank of America custom card, an agent will help you select a new design and process your request.

Make A Personal Banker Appointment

Bank of America has personal bankers at almost every branch. You can visit any branch that's convenient for you. However, you should schedule an appointment first. Although you can see a personal banker by walking into a branch, wait times can be unpredictable. If you are enrolled in online banking or use the Bank of America mobile app, log in to your account. Then use the "Help" menu to find the appointment scheduling link.

When you change your card design at a branch, the personal banking representative will tell you if your account is eligible for a custom card. They can help you switch to an eligible account too, if necessary. Then they will show you all the available Bank of America debit card designs, review any fees and schedule the delivery of your new card.


Which banks let you personalize your credit card?

I have a really cute labradoodle dog named Georgie. She’s so cute, I’d like to look at her all the time – even, say, when I’m making a purchase. Well, lucky for me, that’s possible. With the right credit card, of course.

Once upon a time, a credit card was simply a piece of plastic stamped with your name and card number, and the bank’s logo plastered somewhere above or between the two. These days, depending on which credit card issuer you choose, you have the option of literally designing your own card image, or choosing from among a library of images offered by the issuing company. From cheering on your favorite NFL team, to conjuring the ambiance of a sun-kissed beach, to displaying the fuzzy mug of your own darling canine, the card options are endless – and the choice is yours.

The greatest scope of offerings comes from Capital One – or, if you’re willing to limit yourself to just debit cards, Wells Fargo. “We want to give customers the opportunity to personalize their cards with images that reflect what’s important to them,” said Natalie Brown, a Wells Fargo vice president of communications.

Card issuerPersonalization?What kind of personalization?
American ExpressNo
ChaseYes10 choices, on  Disney Cards only, and options range from Darth Vader to Tinker Bell
Bank of AmericaYesOnly what they call “affinity” cards (such as your collegiate alma mater, or your favorite NFL team) or “co-brand” cards (Celebrity Cruises or the World Wildlife Fund)
Capital OneYesPretty much anything you want: Choose from a stable of images, or upload your own (with exceptions, such as images of skulls or firearms)
DiscoverYesCustomers can choose from a stable of designs
Wells FargoYesOn debit cards only, customers can choose from a library of images, or submit their own (again, there are exceptions, such as the name or likeness of a celebrity)
US BancorpYesOnly on debit cards, and then only eight options – four photos (i.e. a beach, a puppy) and four professional sports teams
BarclaycardYesSome co-branded cards have options. For instance, the NFL card offers 33 different team and logo choices
SynchronyYesIt offers five superhero options on its Marvel Mastercard
USAAYesMembers can choose military affinity cards that advertise their support for, say, Blue Star Families or the American Legion
Source: research

Sorry, Georgie, you lack pixels

However, it may not be as easy as it sounds. I happen to have a Capital One credit card, so I thought I would try uploading a picture of the fabulous Georgie, just to see how she looked on plastic. But the computer said my image didn’t have enough pixels.

No problem! Georgie just happened to be sleeping on the futon right behind my desk chair. I snapped another photo of her and uploaded it. Again – not enough pixels. Fine. I tried a photo of our whole family, taken by a professional photographer. Same response. Another photo, snapped of my son and his friends on a recent trip. Same thing again.

Oh well. It’s not like they don’t have enough images on offer. I counted 17 dog images alone – none quite as darling as Georgie, in my opinion, but they would do – along with 38 photos of beaches, six pictures of flowers, and, among others, a snapshot of a sprinkled doughnut so luscious I momentarily forgot I was gluten-free.

Of course, there are some things you can neither place on one of these cards, nor expect the bank to offer you in its image library. Capital One lists quite a few no-nos, including:

  • Firearms that “are the central focus of the image”
  • Children in diapers
  • Political or religious content
  • Skulls

Both Capital One and Wells Fargo will also turn down any personal image that includes copyrighted material or the photo or likeness of a public person (so no Beyonce cards without her express permission).


Personalized from a menu

Some credit card issuers offer one or two lines of co-branded cards that have design options. For instance, Synchrony customers can pick from among five superhero designs on that company’s Marvel credit card.

Chase only offers options on one card, its Disney card. Customers who want to earn points toward Disney purchases can choose between 10 designs, including Star Wars characters, Mickey Mouse and a “Frozen” card featuring Elsa. And Barclaycard customers who want an NFL-branded card can choose from more than 30 different team options.

Other banks offer only “affinity” cards, meaning ones that declare the customer’s allegiance to a particular place or cause. Bank of America debit card customers can pick a debit card that marks them as an alumnus of UCLA, or as a supporter of the American Quarter Horse Association.

USAA does not provide personalization, but does offer its members cards that proclaim their support for a branch of the armed forces, or a veteran’s organization. “We’ve received feedback from our membership that they enjoy our card themed to pay homage to military culture,” said USAA spokeswoman Gloria Manzano.

Of course, there always have to be some holdouts, and in this case, that category includes American Express and Citibank, neither one of which offers its customers a personalization option. Matt Fields of Barclaycard said the reason his company does not offer personalization is simply lack of demand. “Our research has not identified [personalization] as a consumer need for our programs (rewards and benefits typically top the list),” he wrote in an email.

To be fair, I probably fall in that category as well. Years ago, I took a few moments to personalize my Capital One card; for more than half a decade, I’ve been walking around with a Popsicle photo on my charge card. It’s kind of a bright green, and if I’d just managed to get Georgie’s head shot uploaded to the right program, I probably would have switched it out. It’s not a big deal, though, because I don’t use that card very often. I found I get more versatile airline points on a different card, from another brand, and that’s what matters most to me, in the end.

Sorry, Georgie. I’ll just have to carry you around on my phone – and of course, at the end of a leash.

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Create a Personalized Debit Card

Your FREE* Personalized Debit Card

Personalize your debit card and order it today. Upload your own image or select one from our image gallery. This product is not yet available for HSA cards.

If you do not currently have a BNH Debit Card, please visit your nearest Bank of New Hampshire office location or contact the Customer Solution Center at 1.800.832.0912 to complete a Debit Card Application. Review Frequently Asked Questions about Debit by Design for more information.

*Debit by Design is free for Bank of New Hampshire Personal, Prestige and Business account holders with an active minimum balance. Debit by Design terms and conditions apply.

Upload Guidelines

  • Image files can be in either .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .TIFF or .BMP formats
  • The maximum file size is 10 megabytes (MB)
  • Images must be at least 840 x 840 pixels
  • Small images will reproduce poorly when printed
  • As you increase the scale of your image too much, it may also print poorly
  • The bigger the image you choose, the longer it will take to upload
  • The time your image takes to upload depends on your own internet connection speed
  • Should your image be slow to upload, please talk to your own internet access provider for help
  • Image Guidelines
Bank of New Hampshire reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether a submitted image will be accepted. All images submitted must have the consent of the owner including those images downloaded from the internet. Bank of New Hampshire will not accept images that contain any of the following:

  • The name, trademark, slogan or any other identifying marks of any other financial institution, bank, or credit union
  • The name, trademark, slogan or any other identifying marks of other card company (e.g. MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Cirrus)
  • Political statements or symbols
  • Photographs with trademarked material, advertising, promotional materials, company names, or slogans
  • Advertising or promotional material (e.g. slogans, business cards)
  • Branded products
  • Photographs of celebrities, athletes, musicians, or public figures
  • Phone numbers or Internet or email addresses
  • Socially unacceptable groups (e.g. cults, gangs, supremacy organizations)
  • Nude or semi-nude images
  • Provocative or sexual content
  • Violence, firearms, weapons or ammunition
  • Photographs considered by Bank of New Hampshire to be profane or obscene
  • Racial, prejudicial or discriminatory subject matter
  • Any image in which someone else holds the copyright
This list is not exclusive and Bank of New Hampshire retains the right to decide that any submitted image is not to be used.

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New Debit Card Designs

New Card Designs

You should be proud to pull your Credit Union West debit card out of your wallet. When a card is outdated or worn out, it’s tough to show it off with pride. We've heard that some of our members currently have bent or scratched cards, which is why we’re rolling out stronger, more durable cards, with redesigned options just for you! 

Debit Card Design Options Are Here

The new cards come with options! You get to choose between three tested, member-favorite designs for your new debit card. Design choices feature an American Flag image, Fighter Jets, or Spiralgraph.

Credit Union West Mastercard Debit CardCredit Union West Mastercard Debit CardCredit Union West Mastercard Debit Card
American FlagFighter JetSpiralgraph

In addition to an updated look and higher quality of card, each new design comes with sleek card features including an upgraded security chip, unembossed lettering, and edge color for flare. 

Now you can choose a Credit Union West card design that fits your taste and adds extra style to your wallet!


Picture Card

The family pet. Your favorite vacation spot. The best day of your life. Even a selfie.

Pick out your favorite photo and use it to customize your existing Pacific Service CU Visa debit or credit card. Then, be reminded of great moments every time you use your card.

Snap to it

It only takes minutes to personalize your existing Visa credit or debit card. You can upload your own picture or you can select an image from our photo gallery. Customizing your card is simple. Better yet, there won't be any lapse in your ability to use the card. Continue using your existing card until you receive your new picture card.

  • Your account number, PIN and expiration date will not change*
  • Your picture card will arrive within 7-10 business days

Personalize your card

For more information, call a friendly member service representative at (888) 858-6878.

First picture card issued for free. Subsequent cards are available for a fee. Refer to the Fee Schedule for more information. Picture cards reissued for any reason will use the current image free of charge. Member-uploaded images must meet Image Guidelines. We reserve the right to renew and reject images based on the guidelines. For security reasons, do not post any images of your custom card online. It could increase your risk of fraud. *If you are customizing a debit or Rewards card, your expiration date will change while your card number and PIN will remain the same. If you are customizing a Visa Platinum card, your account number, expiration date and PIN will change.


Military checking benefits

What is a debit card?

A debit card is a payment card that deducts money directly from your checking account to pay for purchases instead of using cash. U.S. Bank issues a debit card that is directly connected to your checking account. A debit card can also be used to get cash and make other ATM transactions. U.S. Bank debit cards offer zero fraud liability and security with contactless and mobile payments.

Whatever you need, your debit card is a great way to pay.

From coffee to lunch, you can use your card at your favorite retailers and restaurants. So it's perfect for those little purchases you make every day.

You're in control with the U.S. Bank Visa Debit Card.

Use it anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide, including millions of retailers, ATMs, online or over the phone.

Skip the ATM – and save time.

By using your card instead of cash, you eliminate extra trips to the ATM. It’s a simple way to save time and money every day.

Track every transaction.

Purchases are withdrawn directly from your checking account, and you can track transactions and balances easily online or on your mobile phone.1 You can also set email and text alerts for important transactions and low balances.2

Know you're protected.

With your U.S. Bank Visa Debit Card, you can count on built-in fraud protection. Unlike cash, you’re protected if your card is ever lost or stolen – and with zero fraud liability, you’re not responsible for any unauthorized purchases.3

How to get a debit card

If you have a U.S. Bank checking account, you can request a debit card by logging in to the mobile app (go to Manage cards) or online banking (go to Customer Service). You can also ask for a new card by calling 800-872-2657 or visiting any U.S. Bank branch.

Need a checking account? If you don’t have a U.S. Bank checking account, apply for a new account and then ask for a U.S. Bank Visa Debit Card.

Apply now

Choose your debit card design.

Let your personality shine through with one of these designer or team-affiliated options, including our eco-friendly debit cards made from recovered ocean-bound plastic. Just ask for your favorite design when you request your debit card.

Designer options

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Pointers

San Diego State University

California State University Fullerton Titans

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Second Wave turtle logo Look for the Second Wave™ turtle logo to easily identify eco-friendly debit card options.


MyExpression by Bank of America allows checking account customers to personalize the design on their debit cards. You can start the process at the Bank of America website, which says it takes five to seven business days to ship the card.

Click to see full answer

Just so, can you design your own debit card?

Design Your Custom Debit CardMy Custom Debit Card lets you add your personal touch to your Bank OZK Debit Card. You may choose from one of our Bank OZK style cards or upload a personal image of your own — family, friends, pets or virtually anything that makes you unique.

Additionally, which bank lets you customize your card? The greatest scope of offerings comes from Capital One – or, if you're willing to limit yourself to just debit cards, Wells Fargo. “We want to give customers the opportunity to personalize their cards with images that reflect what's important to them,” said Natalie Brown, a Wells Fargo vice president of communications.

Also asked, how do I change my Bank of America card design?

How to change your Bank of America card design - Quora. Go to your account (their website) and find out…or simply call them up to see if they have the feature for custom cards. My banks have it but I don't use it even though it is free. Contact your bank (BOA) and get the details.

How do you activate a Bank of America debit card?

Activating your debit card online: This online activation portal for BoA debit cards is the same as credit cards. Simply visit this link to activate your debit card. Activate your card by phone: If you're in the United States, the number to call for your card activation is 1 (888) 624-2323.

bank of america custom debit card design


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