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Best buy credit bill pay

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best buy credit bill pay

Pay your bill; View account activity; Check Card balance On approved purchases on the My Best Buy Credit Cards issued by Citibank, N.A. Min. Payments. I've had a Best Buy credit card now for about 3 years and I have a I've never paid a bill late so I'm really concerned that it will. Not only do both of these Best Buy store-branded credit cards financing for larger purchases so you can pay them off over time with no.

: Best buy credit bill pay

Best buy credit bill pay

Ways on How to Pay Your Best Buy Credit Card

If you shop at Best Buy often, it might be a good idea to get a Best Buy Credit Card. First creating their brand in 1983 as a general electronics store, they have nearly 1,500 locations in North America alone. To help their customer shop and save money, they have even branched out to credit cards.

However, if you want to use one, you have to know how to pay your Best Buy credit card bill on time. Continue reading to find out the different ways you can make a credit card payment with Best Buy.

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About Best Buy

Best Buy is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. In 1983, it was re-branded under its current name with an emphasis placed on consumer electronics.

With a bigger emphasis on consumer electronics and products they have started releasing more offers and promotions to cater towards this new goal. Nowadays, this is the place to go whenever you need any type of electronics because they will price match almost any competitor.

How to Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment Online

In order to make a Best Buy credit card payment online, you will sign in to your online account with your Best Buy login and password. From there simply follow the sptes provided to pay the bill online.

If you are planning on using your savings or checking account to pay your bill, you will need to have your bank account number and the ABA routing number on hand. Additionally, you can manage your Best Buy card online by tracking your account activity, getting exclusive offers, and activating account alerts.

How to Pay Your Best Buy Credit Card by Mail

Another method of payment is paying by mail. To do so, you must include your best buy credit bill pay number and send it into the following addresses depending on which applies to you.

For general payment:

My Best Buy Credit Card Payments
P.O. Box 9001007
Louisville, KY 40290-1007

To pay your My Best Buy Visa bill, send the payment and your account number to:

My Best Buy Visa Card Payments
P.O. Box 78009
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8009

If you’re making a late bill payment on either Best Buy credit card for which you need overnight delivery, use this address:

My Best Buy Credit Card Overnight Delivery/Express Payments
Attn: Consumer Payment Dept.
6716 Grade Lane
Building 9, Suite 910
Louisville, KY 40213

How to Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment by Phone

The Best Buy Customer service team can help you make a payment over the phone anytime you need and keep in mind that you won’t pay interest on either Best Buy credit card if you pay off your balance within the 25 days of the billing cycle closing. However, if you need to make a late payment or your check bounces, you will incur a late fee of up to $38, depending on our payment history.

If you need to make a payment immediately, you can call the Best Buy credit card phone number at 888-574-1301. You will be connected to an automated system, and just need to follow the prompts.

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Bottom Line

The Best Buy Credit Card is perfect for anyone who shops there frequently. You can earn so many great perks, but you must know how to pay it. There are so many ways you can do that, such as best buy credit bill pay online, by mail, and by phone!

For more information on Banking, check out the rest of our bank fcnb bank near me right here on HMB! You can also read on the latest Best Buy Promotions or Credit Card Bonuses.


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Citi and Best Buy Launch Mobile Rewards App

Citi and Best Buy have teamed up to launch a mobile rewards application for iPhone and Android devices. The “Citi ThankYou Rewards” app ties together Best Buy’s inventory systems with Citi’s “ThankYou” Rewards program, a service which allows Citi customers to earn points by using their Citi credit card or performing other banking-related activities.

Now, Citi customers can use the new mobile app to track their rewards points in real time, keep an eye on items they want to buy, and then pay for those items using their earned points.

The free application was built through a collaboration between the two companies, one a major financial institution and the other a leading retailer. As a customer shops in a Best Buy retail store, they can scan the barcodes of the merchandise they want to purchase. The app will display how many points are needed for each item.

And when the customer is ready to checkout, those items are placed in a virtual cart within the app to complete the process. A confirmation email is sent to the customer’s registered Citi ThankYou Rewards email account, directing them to the in-store pickup best buy credit bill pay at Best Buy to get their merchandise.

The application also allows users to shop the Best Buy ThankYou Rewards catalog and schedule items for in-store pickup at the location of their choice or have them sent to their home address.

In addition, the mobile app lets Citi ThankYou Rewards members shop for other merchandise in the Rewards catalog not sold through Best Buy. Those items would be shipped directly to your home.

Says Ralph Andretta, EVP of Loyalty and New Products at Citi, there are millions of redemptions available via the ThankYou Rewards program outside of Best Buy, but Citi was excited to partner with the retailer which it sees as an innovative best buy credit bill pay like itself. This app demonstrates what Citi wants to be, Andretta says: “the best digital bank in the world.”

More details regarding this announcement are available at this morning’s webcast, going on now at


Best Buy launches a new $200 membership program to fight Amazon

The retailer said Wednesday that it was piloting a $199.99 annual membership program with free device installations, a concierge service for tech support and other perks. The program, Best Buy Beta, will be available at around 60 Best Buy stores in six states by the end of this month. It also includes free shipping without order minimums, extended return windows and exclusive sales.
Best Buy has adapted to competition from online players like Amazon by beefing up customer service and positioning itself as the expert in TVs, computers and other electronics. This membership offering is the latest example of the company's approach to win customers, said Michael Baker, a retail analyst at Davidson & Co.
With the new membership, he said, Best Buy(BBY) is targeting customers who "have more devices and technology in their home, but have trouble understanding it all and need help."
Best Buy is also looking for ways to add new revenue streams other than product sales. A membership is appealing because it can generate recurring fees from customers.
Amazon(AMZN) has popularized the membership model in retail with Prime, which currently costs $120 a year, and other retailers have followed its example. Walmart(WMT) last year debuted Walmart+, a $98-a-year plan that includes free shipping on items $35 and over and same-day grocery delivery.
Best Buy currently has another, more limited membership program, Total Tech Support, that it launched in 2018. The new membership program will replace Total Tech Support in the the six states where it's launching, and Baker expects to one day fully replace the prior concept.
"You need to keep making 1st farm credit services subscription offerings more attractive to customers," said Baker.
Best Buy is launching the membership after a strong year in the pandemic. The retailer saw a surge in sales of items from laptops to kitchen appliances as more Americans worked and cooked at home. During its latest quarter ending Jan. 30, comparable sales, or those at stores open for at least one year, increased 12.6% compared with the year prior.
Best Buy expects demand to slow this year, however. It estimates comparable sales growth to be anywhere from down 2% to up 1% in 2021.

Best Buy Credit Card Review: Only for Best Buy's Most Loyal Customers

Complicated approval process

During a Best Buy credit card application, the card issuer first decides whether to approve you for the My Best Buy® Visa® Platinum, which has no annual fee and works anywhere Visa is accepted. If not, it moves on to the My Best Buy® Credit Card, which also has no annual fee but only works at Best Buy. And if you don't qualify for that, either, then it considers you for the My Best Buy® Visa® Gold, which has a $59 annual fee.

Unless you have a high credit score, it’s hard to anticipate best buy credit bill pay card you’ll receive. You might get approved for a credit card that you can only use at Best Buy. Or you might get one that isn't a good deal because of its annual fee.


Store credit cards often carry high APRs. Best Buy credit cards are no exception. If you don't pay the full balance on your Best Buy credit card payment, you could be in store for some hefty interest charges. A related problem is that Best Buy's financing offers are deferred interest. That’s not as attractive as the waived interest offers you can get with 0% intro APR credit cards.

Deferred interest means that interest still accumulates during the financing period. If you don't get the entire balance paid off by the end of that timeframe, then best buy credit bill pay be charged interest going back to when you made the purchase. And that's when a high interest rate can come back to cost you. With deferred interest, you could end up with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest charges.

No rewards on financed purchases

If you decide to use one of Best Buy's financing plans, you won't earn any rewards on the purchase. Since consumers usually only finance their more expensive purchases, this could mean missing out on a large amount of rewards. Some best buy credit bill pay back credit cards with 0% intro APRs let you both earn rewards on a purchase and finance it at zero interest during the promotional period. That’s a much better deal.

Inconvenient rewards redemptions

Every time best buy credit bill pay earn 250 points, Best Buy will send you a $5 reward certificate, which works like a gift card. You can change this if you want reward certificates sent when you reach a different amount. However, the minimum is $5. This is frustrating given that there are many rewards credit cards with no redemption minimums.

Reward certificates also expire. The standard expiration timeframe is 60 days. If you don't have anything you need from Best Buy, you'll need to pick something before your reward certificate expires. Otherwise, it will go to waste.

Purchase protection

You don't get any sort of purchase protection, such as extended warranty coverage or insurance against damage and theft, from your Best Buy credit card. This is understandable since Best Buy sells its own protection plans. Nevertheless, it's a big drawback. Purchase protection is nice to have when you buy electronics and appliances -- two very popular types of products at Best Buy.


 A user ID is required to avail the Best Buy credit card online payment facility. Best Buy credit cards are offered by the Best Buy Company, the largest consumer electronics online store in the US. The card can be used for online and in-store payments. In addition, Best Buy credit cards come with low approval time. The company also maintains an efficient online bill payment and documentation service, in collaboration with Chase and HSBC Bank.

Best Buy Credit Card Payment Online: Steps

To avail the Best Buy credit card online payment facility, log on to and select ‘credit cards’ from the main menu.

If you have a Best Buy credit card: Click on ‘Make a Payment’, under the ‘Manage Your Account’ section on the left side of the screen. In the new window, choose your Best Buy card type:

If you have a HSBC Best Buy card: Enter your user ID and password in the login box and click on ‘Sign In.’ A first time user must click on ‘Enroll.’ Then, fill the following details on the new page:

  • account number
  • email address
  • social security number

Click on ‘continue’ to advance with the registration process.

If you have a Chase Best Buy card: Enter your user ID and password in the login box. In case you are a first time user, click on ‘Get a user ID’ icon on the top-right of the screen. The enrollment is a six step procedure, broadly classified under:

  • identification
  • identification code
  • password
  • legal agreement
  • services
  • confirm

An online ID is also necessary to:

  • access
  • manage
  • make payment on your credit card

If you have a Best Buy Reward Zone Program MasterCard: Click on ‘Make a Payment’, under the ‘Manage Your Account’ section on the right side of the screen. Follow these steps:

  • Enter your user ID and password and click on the ‘login’ icon. Select ‘Register’ ally financial overnight payoff address auto loan if you are a first time user.
  • In the new window, fill in the account, correspondence and contact details. After successful registration, go back to the login page and enter the ID and password to access your personal online account.
  • You can also select ‘setup recurring payments’ to schedule your payments.

Your online Best Buy credit card account can also be used for monitoring account activity, reviewing bill statement and tracking reward points.

You can find out more about Best Buy Credit Card Payment Online at the website. Best Buy Credit Card is a brand owned by Best Buy, a Best Buy Inc. company.



best buy credit bill pay

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