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Outer banks topsail island

outer banks topsail island

If you're planning for the 12 of you to basically hang out together all week, it might be better in Topsail. OTOH, if the house is more of a hub. Vacation homes on Topsail Island - NC Outer Banks. Oceanfront vaction rentals in Surf City on Topsail Island in North Carolina. Access Realty is your access to the beautiful beaches of Topsail Island, NC! Whether you plan to visit for a week or stay for a lifetime, our vacation.

: Outer banks topsail island

outer banks topsail island

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Topsail Island Adventures -- The Other Outer Banks

North Carolina is one of the most visited states in the country once the summer rolls around thanks hot weather and some of the most picturesque beaches south of the Mason Dixon. The state is small enough that you could probably visit most of them in a couple of weeks if you wanted to, but if you’re pressed for time here are a few you probably don’t want to miss.

Topsail Island
Just south of the illustrious Outer Banks lies an island paradise known as Topsail Island. Well, it’s about as close to paradise as you’re going to get outer banks topsail island the continental U.S. at least. The island is made up of 26 miles of pristine coastline and some of the warmest waters on the Atlantic, making it perfect for both mid and late summer getaways. It’s also home to thousands of Loggerhead Turtles each year which makes quite the spectacle for both kids and adults outer banks topsail island. Kayakers favor the area thanks to the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway so feel free to rent a boat and sail away for awhile.

Topsail Island


Bald Head Island
If you’re looking to escape the crowds there’s probably no better beach than the ones found on Bald Head Island. This charming little plot of sand on the east side of the Cape Fear River lacks a lot of the amenities you might expect to find in tourist areas, like roadways, but it makes up for it in sheer beauty and ample opportunities to kick back and relax. It’s thought to be home to a few of Hollywood’s A-List and the only way to get around is by golf cart in many areas. South Beach has the calm waters perfect for families while East Beach is where to be if you’re looking for a little fun on the waves.Bald Head Island, NC

Wrightsville Beach
Wrightsville Beach is easily one of the most picturesque beaches in North Carolina thanks to crystal clear waters and consistently clean strips of sand that stretch four miles along the coast. The area has 44 public access points so it’s not hard to find your way to the water, but that also means it can get a little packed during the holidays. The real draw of Wrightsville Beach is the waves. They’re gentle enough in the summer that newbies are free outer banks topsail island get their feet wet with surfing but the waters start to rage when fall moves in and the area becomes host to numerous national surfing competitions.

Wrightsville Beach

©istockphoto/Bryan Pollard

Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle is the perfect destination for those who enjoy spending their time both above and under the water. Set amongst North Carolina’s exquisite Crystal Coast, Emerald Isle contains some of the state’s clearest waters and whitest sand making for some seriously stunning sunsets. It’s also near the famed “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” one of the country’s largest wreck-diving sites. Underwater explorers here will have a blast diving down to discover shipwrecks from decades gone by while also swimming alongside some beautiful Gulf stream fish and even the Portuguese Man-of-war.Watching the sunrise at 6:30am in Emerald Isle, North Carolina on our last day of vacation, June 2014

Ocracoke Island
Walking through the streets of Ocracoke is reminiscent of taking a step back in time with its relative lack of modern conveniences. Sure, there are streets and cellphones, but with only 800 residents and a lack of touristy amenities it feels more Mayberry than Miami. The 16-mile long island can only be reached by boat, which might explain why it’s not as popular as its Outer Banks counterparts. Without much in the way of entertainment Ocracoke isn’t exactly a prime destination for families, but walking along the many dunes makes for one romantic getaway.

Ocracoke Island


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Tourists turn to Topsail Island after power outage in the Outer Banks

TOPSAIL ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — A power outage in the Outer Banks not only left vacationers in the dark, but it left their travel plans high and dry in many cases.

Now, some are heading to our area for the fun in the sun they were looking for.

“We were in panic mode. My stress level was out of the roof when we first heard,” Jill Mellott, a tourist from Pennsylvania said. She continued, saying “we went on to the electric companies Facebook page and saw there was no electricity in the Outer Banks.”

Mellott thought her family vacation to North Carolina from Pennsylvania was ruined. She thought there was nothing they could do.

“So we tried to call our realtor and couldn’t get a hold of anybody. This was on Friday. And so by Saturday, they started the mandatory evacuation, so we started to panic and tried to call other places to stay,” Mellott said.

Mellott found a place on Topsail Island and wasn’t the only one.

“They’re looking for other places on the North Carolina coast. We’re very happy they are looking at Topsail. We’re sad for the loss of income at Okracoke, but we’re happy that they’re staying on the North Carolina Coast,” Tammy Proctor, Pender County tourism director, said.

Companies like Island Real Estate have helped a number of families save their vacation. A small task that many families are thankful for.

“Our phones started ringing that night and the next morning, people came walking in the door, actually walking in, and they had- we heard all the stories about how ‘our vacation has been ruined and we understand that,” Cathy Medlin, Island Real Estate realtor, said.

Now, Mellott says Topsail Island might be a permanent vacation destination.

“My husband and my son have already decided that. The other half, we’re still evaluating where we’ll go next year,” Mellott said.

Proctor says the tourism industry brings in millions of dollars to areas, like Topsail, and hopes the evacuation doesn’t hit the outer banks too hard.


Topsail Island with Kids

The beach is one of the few places in the world that makes me want to stay put and not spend any time exploring away. I’d like to just wake up every morning, get dressed in my swimsuit, get the kids suited up and lathered with sunblock, pack a cooler and then just lounge in the sun. Meanwhile, the kids can make snow angels in the sand, dig for sand crabs, chase little fish in the shallow water, ride the waves to the shore, swim beyond the breaking. Of course we’ll need to take a little break at lunch to outer banks topsail island the sand from our fingers (need to keep the sand out of the PB&J “sand-wiches”) and then outer banks topsail island right back out.













Topsail Island, North Carolina

For almost all five days, we spent almost all of our time on the beach when we visited Topsail Island, North Carolina, just south of the outer banks. It’s a full day drive for us from Indianapolis (over 12 hours) and sometimes we break it up in two days.

My husband is anything but one of those beach types. You know, the kind that just lay out in the sun reading and listening to music. I could do that, but not him. But, he spends his time swimming with the kids, dragging them out to sea in a little inflatable raft boat, building sand castles and burying them in the sand. At night, whenwe’re all bathed and in our pajamas, he takes them back down to the ocean to chase giant ghost crabs in the sand.

There are a lot of things to do in Topsail and nearby areas, but we just don’t know why you’d want to leave the beach.

Where to Stay

We rented a beach house through Treasure Island Realty. My husband’s family has rented through them for decades and found some homes that they really love and they return there every time. This year we were in a house that was new to us. The home was beautiful, the view was amazing, but be prepared for slow response time when issues arrive in the home. This is a very large rental company with so many homes rented out during their peak season — it could take days for repairs to be made when necessary.

There are also more and more hotels popping up, but it’s hard to beat staying in a beach front or near beach front property.

Sand Dollar Island, Beaufort

All winter I dreamt of Sand Dollar Island. During a travel show in Ohio, one of the owners of a company that ferries people to the island had painted amazing pictures in my head of this island with wild horses and sand dollars strewn across the sand as far as you could see. It wasn’t exactly as I had imagined it in my head, but it was a great day trip. Reserve in advance, pack a lunch and plenty of water and sunblock and head for the island. This 90 minute car ride is worth it. Be warned 2 hours on the island goes very, very quickly.

Shopping in Topsail

My husband recalls when he was a kid, he and his cousins would get to go shopping for beach chachkies during one of the days of their family vacations. They’d buy shell necklaces, flip flops, silly sunglasses, shark teeth earrings and whatnot. There are many fun places to shop in Topsail. There’s a store with a shark mouth opening, a Wings Beachwear and our favorite stop, Topsail Island Trading Company.

At the Topsail Island Trading Company, you can try your share of over 100 flavors of fudge. You won’t find a better way to spend your souvenir money.

Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is a popular spot for families to visit, especially when the beach weather turns stormy for a bit. Visitors can visit a sick bay for turtles who are in treatment as well as a therapy pool for turtles who are being rehabilitated. The observation ramp in Sea Turtle Bay is a special place because these turtles have been rehabilitated and are awaiting their turn to return to sea. Admission is $3-$5 per person.

Seaview Pier

We wanted to take our kids out on a pier and we found one while exploring and driving along the coast. Our exploration brought us to the Seaview Pier. It’s an old fishing pier in North Topsail Beach. Admission was $1 per person and we thought it was totally worth it. The pier was stroller friendly and took us right out above the ocean. My kids were astonished. There were friendly fishermen everywhere and they even let us see their catch!

USS North Carolina Battleship

The Battleship North Carolina is an authentically restored World War II battleship, a National Outer banks topsail island Landmark, a museum, and a memorial honoring the 11,000 North Carolinians of all branches of service who gave their lives in World War II. Enjoy a tour of the ships 9 levels! This is a self guided tour that takes about 2 hours. Open 365 days a year. Admission $6-$14 per person. Guided tours are available for an additional fee.

I know that as my kids grow up, they’ll probably want to visit more parts of the island, meet friends their age, do other activities — and when those days come, we’ll add to this list. But for now, we’re going to spend every moment we can on the beach!

Things to do at the Beach with Little Kids

Look for Treasure

Dig in the Sand

Go Fishing

Float on a boat or raft

Surf or Body Board

Write or Draw in the Sand

Build a Sand Castle or Get Buried

Sort Shells or Sea Glass

Looking for more places to visit in our Family Travel series?


Outer Banks Islands

You can think of the Outer Banks in three parts, which happen to be its three islands for ease. You have what we call locally the Northern Beaches – everything from Oregon Inlet north, from Nags Head to Duck. South of Oregon Inlet, you have Hatteras Island where the Outer Banks is made up of Cape Hatteras National Seashore and a collection of seven villages. It’s a place more wild than any other on the Outer Banks, and it gives you a look at what it was like here centuries ago. To round out the trio of islands, you have Roanoke Island and the small but bustling town of Manteo, where the Outer Banks relationship with the Western world began more than four centuries ago.


The beach towns hold a lot of history. Wooden fishing piers remind us of the roots of leisure travel to the Banks and the concrete reimagining of Jennette’s Pier – a landmark since 1936 – shows us how things can grow more modern but keep strong ties to the past. The Wright Brothers National Memorial shows us where a bit of world-changing history happened, and at nearby Jockey’s Ridge State Park you can follow in their footsteps and try hang gliding.


Over on Roanoke Island we find the seed of the story that is the Outer Banks. At the north end of the island, the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site commemorates the efforts of English colonists to establish a permanent settlement here. Displays detailing their dealings with local Native Tribes and pointing out the nuances of life then begin to tell their story; the rest is told as you walk the ground there and see the rebuilt earthwork walls of a long-gone fort and gaze out at the water where they dropped anchor and set to starting a new life. Their fate has become a mystery – they disappeared between 1587 and 1590 – as no evidence of their whereabouts has ever been found. Next door to the Fort and the grounds where they established their own existence here, an outdoor drama called The Lost Colony tells their story.


Just beyond Roanoke Island you’ll reach mainland Dare County, a largely wild place where the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge keeps thousands of acres in its natural and pristine state. There, red wolves, black bear, white-tailed deer, and hundreds of thousands of migratory birds – including waterfowl like ducks and geese – can live or visit without the hindrance of human development. Kayak there or drive the wildlife viewing route and you’ll be amazed by what you see.


Fishing is a way of life on the Outer Banks and our restaurants show the fresh catch the utmost respect as they serve plate upon plate of just-out-of-the-water seafood to hungry tables. Fish markets and roadside pop ups give you the chance to pick up some fresh shrimp or clams, a tuna or grouper or whatever was biting this morning, and some fresh produce to go with it. The Outer Banks are a wild place, a romantic place, a place to discover something about nature and about yourself, and a place where you can come and just be. We’re glad you’re here and we want to make sure your time with us is memorable for all the right reasons.



Topsail Island FAQs

The island is divided into three separate townships: North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and Topsail Beach. No town is necessarily better than another, but ultimately guests have their preferences as to where they will stay due to some differences in the areas.

North Topsail Beach is located on the northern side of the island, and is where visitors will find houses to be more spaced out, quieter streets, less beach crowding, and more of the newer homes. This end of the island is mostly residential, so vacationers will have to drive a short distance north into Sneads Ferry or south into Surf City in order to find shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. For town information, including beach regulations, please visit


Surf City is the central town on the island, often referred to as the “heart” of Topsail Island. This area has the majority of the shops, restaurants, and nightlife. This is the primary area for activities and attractions, and encompasses a portion of the mainland in addition to the island. For town information, including beach regulations, please visit


Topsail Beach is the southern end of the island, and exemplifies our theme of “Topsail Time.” This area has a more laid back atmosphere, and you are more likely to encounter visitors walking the streets, riding bikes, and spending time outdoors with pets. There are a select few restaurants and shops in this area, but each provide unique foods and goods that are special to this area. The shoreline is the widest in Topsail Beach, providing plenty of beach space even during higher tides. The far southern tip of the island provides a scenic walk, and some of the most illustrative sunset views over both the sound and ocean. For town information, including beach regulations, please visit


Topsail Island island is a classic beach destination along the North Carolina coast. Thanks to its idealistic beaches and sleepy seaside towns there is lots to love about Topsail.

Even the island’s name harkens back to days of pirates who would hide their boats in the channel between the island and the mainland. Only the ship’s sails would be visible from the Atlantic.

It’s said you may find hidden treasure from Blackbeard, but you’re more likely to have a splendid beach vacation. This is in large part thanks to the plethora of things to do on Topsail Island.

Things to Do On Topsail Island

Relax on the Beach

Topsail Beach

It’s tough to beat the beaches of North Carolina, and Topsail is no exception. At 26 miles long there is a lot of beach space to spread out and claim your spot on the gorgeous beach. The expansive natural beach delivers plenty of rolling dunes, natural vegetation, and a vivid teal-colored ocean.

With all that gorgeous beach it’s little wonder the top thing to on Topsail island is to relax on the beach. So bring some beach chairs, towels, and an umbrella! This beach packing list is super helpful to make sure you have outer banks topsail island the essentials.

Grab A Taco at Shaka Taco

For some of the best seafood on Topsail Island head to Shaka Taco in Surf City. They serve up some amazing fish, shrimp, and fresh local catch tacos/bowls.

On our visit, the special was blacked cobia tacos with pickled relish. Visitors can expect some fantastic fresh food with outdoor seating and craft beer.

Play A Round of Corn Hole

Topsail Boardwalk

It’s tough to find a game more fitting for the beach than corn hole. Of course, it doesn’t have to be corn hole, but any beach game is a great way to pass time. Spikeball is another hit and is addictively fun no matter your age! If you’re with friends or have kids it’s pretty much a necessity.

Drive On The North End

Sunrise on North Topsail

On the North end of Topsail Island is the Onslow County Beach Access #3 which allows for vehicles to drive on the beach. If you like to tailgate with your truck this is an awesome spot. Deep sand, wild rolling coastal sand dunes, and a turbulent inlet make for an interesting landscape.

To drive on the beach a 4×4 vehicle is required. No motorcycles, ATVs, or go-karts are allowed. Visitors will need to drive on the beach year-round and can be purchased at the gate entrance. The beach is only open during daylight hours and no nighttime access is allowed.

Access Pass Costs

  • Daily – $25.00
  • Weekly – $100.00
  • Annual – $250.00

Rent A Surfboard

Warm waters and consistent waves make Topsail Island an ideal spot to catch a wave. You can travel to the island with your own surfboards or you can pick up a rental at 50 South Surf Shop in Surf City. The surf shop delivers across the island and has a wide range of boards available to rent and they offer SUP, kayaks, and bikes.

The main surf spots on the island are around the piers and at the Point located on the north side of the side island. To check the surf forecast head to the Magic Seaweed.

Go Fishing on A Pier

You don’t need a boat or to pay the steep price for a charter boat to go fishing on Topsail Island. As with many North Carolina beaches, there are a number of fishing piers that provide affordable access to fishing. Pylons off the piers also supply a healthy habitat for the fish and a wide range of fish to be caught.

Topsail Island has three fishing piers spread across the island. Fish often caught off the piers are mullet, bonito, drums, flounder, blues, speckled trout, sheepshead, and Mackerels. Tickets or passes are required to fish off the piers, and spectators can pay a reduced price of around $2. Piers in NC operate like commercial fishing charter boats and guests are not required to have a state-issued license.

Seaview Pier

The Seaview pier is located in North Topsail Beach and features a no-frills seafood restaurant that serves fresh local catch.


  • $14 Daily Fishing Pass (2 rods)
  • $2 Spectator Pass
  • $5 Beach & Pier Access

Surf City Pier

Surf City is the most centrally located pier that features a grill, gift shop, and large bait tackle shop. The tackle shop also offers rod rentals so you can fish even you do not have a your own tackle.


  • $10 Daily Fishing Pass – Per Rod
  • $5 Daily Childs Pass – Per Rod
  • $1 Spectator Pass
  • $10 Rod Rental

Jolly Roger Pier

In Topsail Beach is the Jolly Roger Pier extends 850 feet long and is excellent spot for fishing. Attached to the pier is the quaint Jolly Rogers Inn.


  • $16 Daily Fishing Pass
  • $8 Daily Childs Pass
  • $2 Spectator Pass

Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

Loggerhead Turtle

Just over the bridge in Surf City is the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue Center. The center’s goal is to help aid in the conservation of the sea turtle population around Topsail Island. It is critical work for the Loggerhead Turtle population as the island’s beaches are nesting grounds for the turtles.

Every season local volunteers work with the center to walk every mile of the beach daily in search of turtle nests that need protection. Once identified the nests are protected and observed. Should any turtle require rescue or aid along the beach the center will step in and provide help.

If you want to meet some turtles up close and personal the center has tours open to the public for a reasonable price. It’s a great idea for families and anyone wanting to learn more about sea turtles. As a bonus, ticket sales help support the center!

  • $7 General Admission (13 and up)
  • $6 Seniors and Military
  • $5 Children (2-12 years)
  • $0 Babies and Toddlers (0-1 years)

Rent A Boat

Take to the Intracoastal Waterway and rent a boat to explore some of american homes for rent dallas diverse ecological biomes of coastal Carolina. It’s a great way to go fishing or just explore some of the numerous islands around waterways.

Learn About The Topsail Towers

Topsail Towers

Operation Bumblebee was launched by the US Military after the end of WWII in 1946. The operational goal was to begin testing modern propulsion for missiles and spacecraft. During this time Topsail Island was an undeveloped barrier island and was chosen as the test facility.

A series of photographic towers were built along the island to study track the trajectory of the rockets. Nearly 200 experimental rockets were launched from the base over 18 months before the program moved to Cape Canaveral. However, Topsail still has its mark in history and played an important role in the development of modern rocket and jet propulsion.

Many of the towers built for the operation still exist and can be seen along the island. A small museum in Topsail called Missiles & More Museum where visitors can learn more about the operation and history on Topsail Island.

Topsail Beach Skating Rink

Roller Skates

It can be tough to figure out what to do on rainy days in Topsail. However, the Topsail Beach Skating Rink offers a blast from the past with roller skating. It’s an affordable experience too and a great way to pass some time. Rates are $8 per skater with rentals included.

Go For A Swim

Topsail Beach

The best way to beat the summer heat is by taking a deep in the Atlantic Ocean. I love to spend my time body surfing in the waves, but it’s equally relaxing to float in the shallows. On a calm day and with good currents the ocean can be crystal clear on Topsail Island. You’ve come to enjoy the beach and Topsail is an exceptional place to do so.

Browse Quarter Moon Books & Gifts

The eclectic Quarter Moon Books & Gifts has been a local institution for several decades. You can pick up a new book, find a gift, have a cup of coffee, or even relax on their outdoor patio with a glass of wine or craft beer. Throughout the year, Quarter Moon hosts a number of events such as live bands!

Enjoy Sunrise or Sunset

One of our favorite things about the coast of North Carolina and Topsail Island is the astounding sunrises and sunsets. Thanks to the humidity and coastal breeze it’s pretty common for the sky to turn a fiery orange and a myriad of colors. Sunrise is best near one of the piers along the beach while sunset is great on the Outer banks topsail island Waterway looking westward.

Visit The Historic Wilmington Waterfront

Wilmington NC Waterfront

Topsail lies only 40 miles North of the historic port town of Wilmington. Personally, Wilmington holds a special place in our heart as it is home to our Alma Mater and the place Natasha and I met. My family still lives here and we spend much of our time in Wilmington.

The historic downtown has a lot to offer visitors. You can check out some of the boutique shops at the Cotton Mill, grab dinner at a restaurant, enjoy one of Wilmington’s many craft breweries, or scare yourself on a historic ghost tour.

Surf City

Topsail for the most part is a charmingly sleepy beach town, but Surf City has the most to offer on the island. Grab coffee and donuts at the Fractured Prune, dinner at Sears Landing, or a beer at the Salty Turtle Brewery. Surf City also serves as a hub a for beach rentals such as bikes, surfboards, or even boats.

Southside Park

For Families, Southside Park is a great place to let the kids play. The quaint park has a jungle gym on the water with a view of the Surf City Bridge. It has a fishing pier, boat launch, and picnic shelters that serve visitors to the island.

Bike Along Topsail Island

A great way to get along the island is to hop on two wheels. You can bike along the Topsail Island bike path, the beach, or along any of the island’s roads. At 26 miles long and roads with slower speed limits, a bike is a pretty great way to get around.

Just be prepared for riding against the wind if you plan to cover any distance! 50 South Surf Shop, Ride TI Ebike Rentals, and Mutiny Ebikes all offer bike rentals for visitors. The latter shops offer e-bikes which make for an easy way to get around!

Paddle Board

We love paddleboarding as it’s a sport that can be as relaxing or sporty as you’d like. They’re a little tough for areas with a lot of waves.

However, the Intracoastal waterway and marshlands on the western side of Topsail Island make for a fantastic area to paddleboard. It’s a great way to explore nature and enjoy some sun!

Relax Along the Coastal Marshes

Marsh at sunset on Topsail Island

The marshes that surround most of the island are a serene location to spend your days. It’s our favorite spot to catch the sunset. As the sun dips along the horizon the reeds take on a golden hue and rustle in the wind while birds fly far overhead. Head to one of the numerous boat docks along the waterway to catch a sunset.

Go Surf Fishing

If you like a bit more space when fishing surf fishing is a great sport. The beaches are free and it’s pretty easy to find space on Topsail’s quiet beaches. You will need a rod and a North Carolina fishing license.

Hunt For Seashells and Shark Teeth

Seashell on Topsail Island

The picturesque natural beaches of Topsail Island are ripe for seashells and shark teeth. If you want to find the best shells it’s best to walk the beaches every coldwell banker alexandria va rentals It also helps to go during low tide and to know the tide schedule for that matter! If you’re truly lucky you may even spot some Megalodon teeth which have been found on the island.

Spot The Local Wildlife

Pelicans Over Topsail Beach

You might think about spotting an abundance of wildlife on your beach vacation, but you’ll be surprised by Topsail. The Carolina coast is full of wildlife thanks to conservation practices put in place by the state government. You can regularly expect to spot dolphins, turtles, pelicans, crabs, jellyfish, and a wide variety of birds.

Walk Along The Beach

There’s no better way to spend your time on Topsail Island than walking along its shores. If you’re looking for the best time morning and evening are always best as it’s the synchrony bank jcp customer service quiet time of day.

About Cameron

Cameron grew up in Union County, NC. His days were spent fishing, swimming at the beach, hiking in the mountains, and enjoying blueberry cobbler or cornbread. After finishing school at UNCW, he traveled the world with his partner Natasha as they documented their travels on The World Pursuit. After, six years of international travel they launched Lost in the Carolinas to share their experiences about these great states.


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May 07, 2017 · metal detecting or treasure finders clubs, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, 42 replies Cities with the best places to go metal detecting, General U. Feb 04, 2021 · The Best Places to Use Your Metal Detector There is nothing that quite matches the excitement of taking your metal detector to a new treasure hunting location. Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Jul 18, 2017 · Related Article – Best Metal Detectors for Finding Coins and Jewelry. save. I bought my son a cheap $40 metal detector at Harbor Freight. 2. 6. 77. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts North Carolina Metal Detecting. Getting involved in a local metal detecting club can be a lot of fun and a great way to find out about good places to go metal detecting near you. In these states, metal detecting is prohibited in state parks. Nov 16, 2020 · Carolina Country Peddlers Mall is a 21,000-square-foot (2,100-square-meter) building outer banks topsail island Lumberton, North Carolina that is open all 7 days a week. Little Talbot Island State Park is a fine example. I will be in Franklin, Maggie Valley and Ashville over the time I am there. Florida, USA. This entry was posted in Customer FindsHow to: Tips and Advice and tagged coin huntingfind treasure at the parkjewelry huntingmetal detectingmetal detecting at the park what is the best online trading platform, metal detectorpark metal detectingtips for metal detectingtreasure hunt at the May 06, 2014 · I am taking a gem trip this summer with some friends to North Carolina. report. I live in downtown Smithfield. I am sure Franklin will be easier Places in North Carolina to Detect? 3 comments. Eastern North Carolina Metal Detecting Association, Southport, North Carolina. Metal detecting at the beach is perfect for multi-tasking. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be Thankfully, technology finally caught up with our gold fever and brought us metal detectors! Six gold-bearing belts were identified in North Carolina as described below. Feb 14, 2021 · Metal Detecting Clubs and Stores in North Carolina. Jan 22, 2013 · Does any body know where to metal detect in North Carolina. Dixie Metal Detectors Great metal detector site by David Keith. Panning the Uwharrie River is the best option of finding gold in Randolph County. The expensive models are most often very complicated for the new user. Metal Detecting Forum. Cherry Grove Beach, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted. As for beaches, you can use it where it’s allowed. 3. share. Check it out! Jack's Civil War Relics Bullets, images and miscellaneous Civil War Relics for sale. I am sure Franklin will be easier Civil War Metal Detecting In North Carolina What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Relics? Stories and Pictures of Finds List all sponsors : Friendly Metal Detecting Forums > Everything Places in North Carolina to Detect? 3 comments. There are also local metal detecting clubs where you can get insider tips from experts. This makes identifying large deposits beneath the forest floor almost impossible. It is close to the original site where gold was first discovered in the United States. In fact, you’re highly likely to find something metal on the beach because beaches are regularly and actively used by the public. com. Places to metal detect 77. Fishing Areas can be a good place for metal detecting. Feb 06, 2017 · SO METAL: The world of metal detecting is changing, and North Carolina is home to one of the pastime’s online personalities.9 replies metal detecting, San Antonio, 100 replies Metal Detecting in SA, San Antonio, 4 replies Metal detecting/treasure hunting, Hobbies and Recreation, 1 replies The discovery in Cabarrus County led to the first outer banks topsail island rush in America. 5. Smoking is also prohibited. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Oct. The Uwharrie National Forest is a very popular area to prospect for gold in North Carolina. Of north carolina gold maps. Mary Wickison (author) from Brazil on March 14, 2013: Hi Vibesites, Thanks for the votes. You can get special permission to detect personal items lost in a state park in North Carolina. The Beach. gov. Some of 3. How harsh are the laws for metal detecting down there. Beaches are great places for activities such as swimming, soaking up the rays, fossil hunting, and yes metal detecting. If you’re new to metal detecting, there are many online forums and chat boards where you can ask your own questions and dig for information specific to the Outer Banks. ncdcr. Some clubs in North Carolina include: Metal detecting in North Carolina follows the Antiquities Act of 1906. 572 likes · 2 talking about this. If this is the case, the metal detector user must be accompanied by a member of the park staff. Metal Detecting in NORTH CAROLINA is a great opportunitiy that detectorists should consider, whether they live there are just visiting the state! 50 Best Places To Metal Detect & Unearth Valuables Easily! If you do not own a detector, and you are serious about searching for buried treasure in North Carolina, then you should purchase one. North Carolina. My house is at least 110 yrs old. Some parents said the school shootings that happened just two weeks into. On our first day, we found this. Oct 07, 2011 · ocfireflies from North Carolina on April 27, 2013: Makes me wish I was at the beach right now metal detector in hand. Aug 13, 2021 · Florida's best metal detecting locations. Cumberland Pioneer Settlers Early Cumberland Pioneer North Carolina land grants. Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. 30, 2020 Top Metal Detecting Vacation Destinations Jan 05, 2020 · Best Places to explore there Beach detection in North Carolina Machine Suggestions for the type of soil! How you should handle Gold Prospecting there Some clubs you may like to join As well as more helpful info … Here are some of the outer banks topsail island spots in the state that you may want to explore: The best way to learn about metal detecting is by following experienced metal detectorists’ advice. 2k members in the metaldetecting community. This thread is archived. Metal detectors are not approved for use at state parks in North Carolina unless they are used for the location of personal property. 1. Best beach areas in topsail Aug 08, Eastern North Carolina Metal Detecting Association, Southport, North Carolina. Within the Caswell County portion, there are very many old workings. Beaches south of Nags Head are strictly off-limits. hide. On top of that, most areas allow metal detecting on public beaches without a permit. The phone number is 919-814-6800, and the main Web site address is: www. After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Battleground Detectors and Surplus Metal detectors and military surplus of all kinds. The town was founded in 1717. Also, metal detect at rural churches and schools for coins and jewelry. Be sure to only metal detect picnic areas when you have permission. The first gold was discovered here as early as 1799, and mining and prospecting have taken place in this region ever since. Visit these State Parks and coastal parks around Florida that allow metal detectors. North Myrtle Beach, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted, $100 fine for not filling in any holes left open or digging deeper than two feet on the beach. My brother bought my son (10 y/o) a starter metal detector (Bounty You cannot metal detect in these states. May 28, 2014 - I live in North Carolina and I love to Metal Detect! Metal Detecting here in NC has become more then just a hobby, its a great way to get out and meet people, get some exercise, learn the history and much much more! Aug 24, 2018 · North Carolina (NC) North Carolina Coast ; I am wondering if it is legal to metal detect on Topsail beach. It varies from 15 to 30 mile in width. You may even be prohibited to even carry a metal detector on state park grounds. For state forests, ask permission from the forest supervisor that oversees the particular forest where you want to use a metal detector. Mar 06, 2017 · Metal Detecting North Carolina! These are my finds from January and first week of February! Beach is a little sanded in right now. metal detecting on the beach is one of the best places to find treasure. This law does not specifically mention "metal detecting", you need to understand what the Antiquities Act says about digging artifacts. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Metal Detecting Equipment in Carolina Beach, NC. This video is the ultimate guide for metal detecting on the beach that is packed full of advice, tips, and tricks for you to use. Since that time, North Carolina has produced well in excess of 1,000,000 ounces. Press J to jump to the feed. I will not be near the beaches at all so it is all inland. In North Dakota, metal detectors are generally not allowed in parks. When gold prospecting and panning in North Carolina you will be surprised at the number of small gem stones, mainly garnets, that appear in your gold pan. What is the routing number for renasant bank River Gold. Always seek permission from property owners and obtain any necessary permits prior to panning, dredging, or metal detecting. Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at the Boiling Spring Lakes Fire Station(see address). best places to metal detect in north carolina

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